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  Presenting Author:   Dr Lalchhanhima Ralte - Grace Home, India
  Additional Authors:  Dr. Jordi Casabona, Sra Cristina Sanclemente, Dra. Anna  Esteve, Dra. Victoria Gonzalez, Grupo HIVITS TS,  
Mizoram in North East India shares an international border with Burma and Bangladesh and has a HIV prevalence rate of 0.81% making it the 3rd highest HIV prevalent region in India. With more than 90% of the 1 million people Christians, the Presbyterian Church is vital and its policies are as important and effective as the local government. Grace Home is a 30 bedded hospice under the Mizoram Presbyterian Church and NACO (National AIDS Control Organization of India). The first hospice in Mizoram for HIV and palliative care.
Method / Issue:
A 2 hours program called ?Friends on Fridays? was initiated in Feb.2011 at Grace Home. Held every alternate Friday, along with local PLHIV networks, old patients, inpatients and NGO?s, we invite church leaders especially members of youth fellowships ? Presbyterian, Baptist, Salvation Army etc. from different localities of Aizawl. Various issues related to HIV like ? ART drugs, adherence, CD4, misconceptions, stigmas and discriminations, palliative care, STI?s are addressed. The importance of condom promotion is imparted in a gentle manner keeping in mind the Church?s stand. Condom demonstration is also done to reduce stigma or taboo attached. Basically teaching how various STI besides HIV can be transmitted when having unprotected sex.
Results / Comments:
Over a one year period from Feb.2011 to Feb.2012, we were invited at 10 local youth Christian fellowships and 21 women fellowships where various issues related to HIV could be shared in various churches all over Aizawl. Specific issues like HIV and STI/Condom could be stressed. Feedbacks from such meetings has been encouraging with participants sharing misconceptions being cleared, realizing importance of condom, new level of awareness on various STI beyond HIV etc.
Sensitization of certain issues related to HIV like STI/Condom is still a challenge in a Church dominated region like Mizoram. Being India?s 3rd highest HIV prevalent region coupled with the influx of migrant population from two countries, it is crucial that the Church realize the epidemic and understand various techniques used to fight the virus. Sensitizing key leaders of churches all over Aizawl through ?Friends on Fridays? and subsequently the general population, has been very encouraging.
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