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Barcelona 2013
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Abstract #101  -  E-Posters English
  50.93: E-Posters English (Poster) on Sunday   in  Chaired by
  Presenting Author:   Mr Ralph Spijker - STI AIDS Netherlands, Netherlands
  Additional Authors:  Dr. Jordi Casabona, Sra Cristina Sanclemente, Dra. Anna  Esteve, Dra. Victoria Gonzalez, Grupo HIVITS TS,  
STI AIDS Netherlands developed in close collaboration with nursing communities an Online Learning Week (OLW) for nurses in Hiv prevention and care. We assessed acceptability and feasibility of online learning among the target population; nurses working Sti/Hiv prevention and care.
Method / Issue:
During the 10 month development of the OLW, we took several factors into account to make the OLW a success. Before starting de development of the learning week, we performed a needs-assessment among 200 nurses in Sti/Hiv prevention and care to identify potential barriers to participate in online learning. We assessed technological performance of computers at the Dutch Sti/Hiv clinics and digital literacy among the potential participants. Managers and nurses were approached by letter and email, with information about the OLW, suggestions to solve technological barriers of computers at the workplace and suggestions to let nurses participate at work or alternative places. During and after the OLW 859 questionnaires were completed. These provided us with information about the feasibility and acceptability of the online learning activity.
Results / Comments:
An online learning environment with 13 workshops was designed, using various pedagogical concepts, sources and digital communication tools. 342 nurses registrated to participate to the OLW. Two thirds of the all nurses working in Sti/Hiv prevention and care in the Netherlands participated. On average there were 77 unique visitors per workshop and on average each participant finished 2,4 workshops. Almost 90% of the nurses was able to participate on a computer that fitted the technical criteria for participation (at home or at work). More than 50% of the nurses experienced support from their manager to participate. Participants that used a forum found this easy to use (3.2 on a 5 point scale, 1- not at all and 5- very easy) and not frightening (3.6 on a 5 point scale, 1- not at all and 5 - very frightening). We found that on average 90% of the participants reached most or all learning objectives that we formulated for each workshop. Most nurses experience that the content matched their level of professional experience and knowledge. Participants rated the overall OLW with 7.6 on a scale from 1-10. And 91% of the participants intents to participate the again in the future.
Results show that online learning is feasible and acceptable to Dutch nurses working in Sti and Aids care.
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