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Barcelona 2013
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Abstract #107  -  E-Posters English
  50.61: E-Posters English (Poster) on Sunday   in  Chaired by
  Presenting Author:   Mr. Pahl Samson - LIVE CONSORTIUM, United States
  Additional Authors:  Dr. Jordi Casabona, Sra Cristina Sanclemente, Dra. Anna  Esteve, Dra. Victoria Gonzalez, Grupo HIVITS TS,  
To assess the effectiveness of a small media campaign intervention on a historically African American college campus aimed to challenge stereotypes associated with HIV and decrease social distance towards those who are HIV positive.
Method / Issue:
207 pre-surveys were filled out by students on campus and in selected classes before the month-long campaign started on campus. 210 post-surveys were completed by students whom attended the end of campaign event and by those in the same classes given pre-surveys. The survey consisted of questions regarding HIV transmission knowledge, attitude and social distance felt towards those with HIV, and the number of individuals known personally with HIV.
Results / Comments:
On regression analysis there was significant change in social distance comfort from pre to post only among women (t=-3.01, df=203, p=.001). The regression analysis revealed that the significant variables that affect social distance were HIV transmission knowledge (p=.027), sympathy towards those with HIV (p=.001) and gender (p=.001). There was also a significant difference between men and women for transmission knowledge (p=.001) and sympathy (p=.001).
Small media campaigns can be effective at lowering stigma and social distance comfort towards those with HIV among female African American college students. Further investigation is needed to make similar campaigns more effective among African American men. This might be achieved by addressing the lack of transmission knowledge and sympathy towards those with HIV.
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