Barcelona 2013
Barcelona 2013
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Abstract #109  -  Lunchtime
  48.1: Lunchtime (Lunchtime) on Tuesday @ 13.15-14.15 in Teatre Chaired by
  Presenting Author:   Prof Lesley Doyal - University of Bristol, United Kingdom
  Additional Authors:  Ms. Chen Zhang, Dr. Yan Hong, Dr. Yuejiao Zhou, Dr. Shan Qiao,  
A synthesis of many of the topics to be discussed at the conference.
Method / Issue:
I have just published a book 'Living with HIV and Dying with AIDS: diversity, inequality and human rights in the global pandemic' which represents one of the first attempts to provide a synthesis of existing social science research on the experiences of living with HIV and dying from AIDS across a wide range of settings and viewed from a diversity of disciplinary perspectives. I would value the opportunity to use material from this to discuss the methodological challenges faced by social scientists at this stage of the pandemic. This would follow the abstract described below.
This presentation will provide a brief introduction to the themes that need to be explored in understanding life with HIV across a range of settings. The focus will be on the mix of conceptual and methodological questions that are raised in trying to make sense of individual experiences of HIV in local settings within a global context. How can we explain the nature of different epidemics as well as the marked inequalities in the fate of those who are positive within the same settings? How can an intersectional perspective adn other innovataive methodologies help to make sense of these variations? These themes will be explored through an examination of different aspects of life with HIV: changing narratives and identities, labour and livelihoods, altering sexual practices and renegotiating reproduction and parenting. The paper will conclude with a discussion of the implications of these issues for the development of human rights based policies.
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