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Abstract #116  -  E-Posters English
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  Presenting Author:   Mr Paul Woodward - Monash University, Australia
  Additional Authors:  Dr. Jordi Casabona, Sra Cristina Sanclemente, Dra. Anna  Esteve, Dra. Victoria Gonzalez, Grupo HIVITS TS,  
I wish to use performance theory to help further understand in a unique and significant way what happens in that moment of revelation of HIV status known as disclosure. In making this application I ultimately hope to develop strategies of performance in workshop & theatrical environments which serve to enrich understanding of the processes of disclosure and provide creative strategies out of the HIV closet in a variety of cultural contexts.
Method / Issue:
The methodology adopted for the purposes of this research consists of 2 distinct stages Stage one consists of a series of practical workshops designed to help enable HIV+ people to make powerful and skilled disclosures using specific performance techniques and skills. Stage two utilizes my findings from stage one where I will work with specific cohorts of HIV+ people to adapt these newly acquired skills into powerful autobiographical performance material for the stage. I have been working with two organizations in specific geographical contexts and in the paper I will speak to my experiences of working with them Group one is Possible Dreams International in Melbourne, Australia and Sitegi, Swaziland. This is a non-profit organization that partners with rural and remote communities in Swaziland, Southern Africa to empower families and individuals living with HIV. I worked with the PDI choir in Swaziland for an initial 3 week period on a storytelling project in July 2012. The research cohort consisted of 22 young men and women aged between 18-30 of mixed sero-status. The research employed a three-tier design of workshop/rehearsal/performance. I conducted 2-3 hour rehearsals in groups 4-5 times a week. Group two is a self development agency for gay men called The Quest and is based in London, UK. This research cohort consisted of gay men around the ages of 28-50 of mixed sero-status. The research will employ a three tier design of workshop/rehearsal/performance. I worked with this cohort in for 3 months from September 2012 and will be working with them for a further 3 months from June 2013. I will conduct 4-5 hour rehearsals in groups once or twice per week. This group will participate in a series of performance workshops which will specifically explore the relationship between autobiographical storytelling and disclosure.
Results / Comments:
So far the research data has indicated an overwhelmingly positive response from the participants who cited drawing on the methodologies employed to assist in interpersonal everyday disclosures. Many also reported an increase in general confidence and personal well being as a result of having performed empowering disclosures on stage. As this is ongoing research more data will be compiled in time for the papers eventual presentation in September/October 2013
What can we learn about HIV disclosure from performance, and what can HIV disclosure teach us about performance?
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