Barcelona 2013
Barcelona 2013
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Abstract #1647  -  Plenary
  3.3: Plenary (Plenary) on Monday @ 09.00-10.30 in Teatre Chaired by Juan Carlos Lopez Bernaldo de Quiros,
Lucie Cluver,
Daniel Zulaica

  Presenting Author:   Dr Asier Sáez-Cirión - Institut Pasteur, , France
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In the search for an HIV cure, achieving HIV remission or functional cure appears as a more reachable goal in the medium term that HIV eradication. The existence of a group of patients, HIV controllers able to control infection for long periods of time without treatment holds promise that such a functional cure may be possible. Natural control of infection is often associated with a favourable MHC background, which raised the question about the possibility to induce a similar status in other patients. Antiretroviral treatment initiation during primary infection limits the establishment of viral reservoirs and viral diversity and preserves innate and adaptive immune responses. We have recently shown that long-term HIV remission may be induced by early treatment initiation in some patients. These patients, post-treatment controllers, started antiretroviral treatment close to acute infection and they kept it for several years before discontinuation. They achieved durable HIV remission despite not being naturally predisposed to do so. Moreover their viral reservoir shrunk without treatment in some of them.
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