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Barcelona 2013
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Abstract #326  -  Psychological state
  6.1: Psychological state (Parallel) on Monday @ 11.00-13.00 in Auditorio Chaired by Barbara Hedge,
Susannah Allison

  Presenting Author:   Mrs Ludmila Verdes - ARAS - Romanian Association Against AIDS, Romania
  Additional Authors:   
Romania has over 7000 young people living with HIV (PLHIV) most of them being nosocomially infected in childhood before 90's. Their satisfaction in sexual life (SSL), as component of quality of life, became an important issue to investigate, since they enter into sex life.
Method / Issue:
A standardized questionnaire was applied to 300 PLHIV. Multivariate analysis using a weighting logistic regression restricted to 291 respondents who answered the question about SSL helped to determine variables independently associated with satisfaction in sexual life.
Results / Comments:
The following factors were associated with SSL: living in a couple (OR 95%CI 7.60[3.69-15.66]), knowing an HIV infected person publicly disclosed (OR 95%CI 2.23[1.03-4.84]) and having a higher self-efficacy score (OR 95%CI 1.36[1.14-1.61]). Inversely, PLHIV older than 36 years (OR 95%CI 0.27[0.13-0.55]), those who do not know their own HIV infection way (OR 95%CI 0.29[0.15-0.59]), who have no sexual intercourse (OR 95%CI 0.33 [0.14-0.76]), who have a lower score of social exclusion (OR 95% CI 0.91[0.82-1]) and being declared as living with a less severe level of handicap (vs. severe level) (OR 95% CI 0.47[0.23-0.98]) are significantly less likely having a SSL.
Interventions need to address psychological (e.g. self-efficacy, to accept the way of infection) social (e.g. be in a couple, prevent social exclusion) and behavioral factors (e.g. sexual intercourse) in order to improve the quality of life of PLHIV and its sexual component.
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