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Abstract #439  -  The Value of Mindfulness Training to HIV+ve Individuals
  43.1: The Value of Mindfulness Training to HIV+ve Individuals (Workshop) on Tuesday @ 17.30-18.30 in Mirador Chaired by Gabriela Moody
  Presenting Author:   Mrs Gabriela Moody - Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, United Kingdom
  Additional Authors:  Ms. Chen Zhang, Dr. Yan Hong, Ms. Shaobing Su, Dr. Yuejiao Zhou,  
Introduction Whilst no longer ?a death sentence?, living longer with an HIV positive diagnosis comes with a number of ongoing challenges including external stressors as well as personal expectations to cope. Over time these challenges have an eroding impact on individuals? coping resources with the potential for developing mental health problems. This is evident in the increasing and repeated requests for psychological help we see in Sexual Health Clinical Psychology. As part of the service development in the area of sexual health, we are running a series of pilot MBSR courses (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) for HIV positive individuals referred by professionals from three London, sexual health clinics involved in their HIV care. Why Mindfulness as a treatment of choice? In recent years The Mindfulness approach has received increasing popularity based on the valuable contributions it brings to the area of adjustment to mental and physical health difficulties. Its growing popularity is supported by research evidence in a number of areas including stress reduction, pain management, and relapse prevention in depression and anxiety disorders. In the area of mental health there is a growing consensus that, relating to our challenges in a way that allows us not to become identified with them impacts positively on our adjustment. In addition it plays a protective role in relapse prevention in depression. The Mindfulness approach offers an extension to the mainstream psychological adjustment models with the strong emphasis it places on learning to develop a compassionate discourse with the self. It holds that compassion and acceptance act as key conduits for improving our tolerance of unpleasant experiences. Overview of the Workshop: ? Experiential participation in mindfulness practices taught in MBSR will be included in this workshop. ? Core foundational principles of mindfulness and applicability to clinical health populations ? Compassionate discourse with the self and mental health ? Brief overview of the three pilot MBSR courses. ? Future development and discussion
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