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Abstract #537  -  New Challenges for Clinical Psychology in HIV Infection Today
  28.1: New Challenges for Clinical Psychology in HIV Infection Today (Symposium) on Tuesday @ 11.00-13.00 in Mirador Chaired by Dr Jose A Munoz Moreno,
Antonia Raich

  Presenting Author:   Dr. Jose A. Muñoz-Moreno - Fundació Lluita contra la SIDA, Spain
  Additional Authors:  Prof John de Wit, Dr Loren Brener, Dr Sean Slavin,  
We propose the inclusion of this symposium in the upcoming program for the next AIDS Impact Conference Barcelona 2013. We propose its presentation on behalf of the "Workgroup on Psychology and AIDS of Catalonia", a group of experts that was created in 1992, and that today keeps dealing with different clinical and research aspects of HIV infection from a psychological perspective. Therefore, we are pleased to suggest the symposium entitled "New Challenges in HIV Infection Today: A Psychological Perspective". Since different aspects of the illness have changed in the last decade, psychologists working in the HIV infection have adjusted their interventions to new arising challenges. With the present symposium, we would like to describe the role of clinical psychologists in different HIV-related scenarios. Members of the "Workgroup on Psychology and AIDS of Catalonia", who are experts in different settings of the HIV infection today, will present their experiences combined with an update of the literature in their respective fields. The oral communications that we propose for the symposium are the following: 1. "Haemophilia, HIV and Psychoanalysis: 20 Years of Experience". This presentation will address the current status of HIV infection in people with haemophilia, and will describe the experience of some psychological services in this regard. 2. "Transferring HIV-Infected Adolescents to an Adult Outpatient Clinic: Implementation of a Standardized Protocol". This communication will present a structured and standardized procedure to help adolescents to accept their referral to an adult outpatient clinic for HIV-infected patients. 3. "Neurocognitive Complications in HIV Infection and the Role of a Clinical Psychologist". The current status of HIV-related neurocognitive disturbances will be addressed, as well as potential tasks for psychologists from a clinical approach. 4. "Mindfulness and People Living with HIV Infection: A Harmonious Coupling". This presentation will describe the benefits of the programs of mindfulness to improve the quality of life and emotional status of HIV-infected patients. 5. "Psychological Support for People with HIV and Drug Abuse: A Historical Perspective". Psychological interventions for drug abuse, and also the adjustment of the professionals to these tasks, will be described. 6. "Psychological Support in the End of Life". Despite the dramatic survival changes in HIV infection, there are still people that have to deal with an advanced status of the illness, or even with the end of life. This communication will cover these aspects from a psychological perspective. 7. "The Role of the Psychologist in the Support to People with HIV from the NGOs". This presentation will describe clinical and psychosocial interventions from the community work.
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