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Barcelona 2013
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Abstract #88  -  Co-infection
  8.4: Co-infection (Parallel) on Monday @ 11.00-13.00 in Mirador Chaired by
  Presenting Author:   mrs caroline lions - ORS PACA- Inserm, France, Metropolitan
  Additional Authors:  Dr Jordi  Casabona, Sra Cristina Sanclemente, Dra Anna Esteve, Dra Victoria Gonzalez, y Grupo HIVITS-TS,  
We used longitudinal data from the ANRS CO13 HEPAVIH cohort study to investigate whether polyphenol intake through coffee and/or daily chocolate consumption could play a role in reducing liver enzymes levels.
Method / Issue:
Longitudinal data collection included self-administered questionnaires and medical data (AST and ALT liver enzymes). Two analyses were performed to assess the association between coffee (>3 cups a day) and daily chocolate intake and abnormal values of AST and ALT (AST or ALT >2.5x upper normal limit (UNL)) (N=990) over time, after adjustment for known correlates. Logistic regression models based on Generalised Estimating Equations were used to take into account the correlations between repeated measures.
Results / Comments:
Individuals reporting elevated coffee consumption or daily intake of chocolate had a 40-50% reduced risk of abnormal liver enzymes. After multiple adjustments, both associations were confirmed when using abnormal ALT values as the outcome, while only a combined indicator of coffee and chocolate intake remained inversely associated with abnormal AST values.
Elevated coffee consumption and daily chocolate intake appear to be associated with reduced level of liver enzymes in HIV-HCV co-infected patients. Further experimental and observational research is needed to better understand the role that polyphenol intake or supplementation can play on liver disease and liver injury.
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