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Abstract #2682  -  The cost of inaction, inappropriate action and inefficient action: Economic perspectives on the HIV epidemic
  Presenting Author:   Dr Chris Desmond - HSRC
  Additional Authors:   
While there has been massive progress in the fight against HIV and AIDS, there still remains much that needs to be done, not to mention gains that need to be maintained. Additional resources are required, but it appears increasingly unlikely that they will be forthcoming. If expanded intervention is not possible, there will be costs of inaction. It is, however, important to not only demand additional resources, but also to critically evaluate current spending, and where necessary, demand changes. Inappropriate and inefficient expenditure carries a cost, a cost that we should never be prepared to accept, even more so in a time when additional resources are so hard to come by. This paper examines spending in the HIV and AIDS response with a review to identifying costs of inaction, inappropriate action and inefficient action. Examples are included from a variety of sectors, although the paper draws heavily on issues related to children: an area of acute in- and inefficient action.
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