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Abstract #2717  -  Correlation network: improve prevention, care and treatment services, targeting blood-borne infectious diseases (BBID), in particular Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS, among drug users (IDUs)
  Presenting Author:   Mr. Eberhard Schatz - Correlation Network
  Additional Authors:   
Correlation ? European Network Social Inclusion & Health in recent years produced a number of guidance materials in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention, policy recommendations, peer involvement and outreach. The network implements trainings, seminars and skill building sessions at conferences and other events. Special attention is given to the burden of Hepatitis C infection under intravenious drug users.
  Method / Issue:
To improve outreach capacities of health service providers, the project identified successful strategies and developed a new innovative model for early intervention, involving service providers and peer educators. The model was field tested and implemented in different settings. A European Seminar on Outreach and peer support was organised. The manual was presented to a broad range of stakeholders during the final Correlation Conference in Ljubljana and is disseminated widely. To improve E-counselling, specifically targeting marginalised and vulnerable groups, the project identified existing ICT strategies and developed a new Social Intervention Tool (SIT) for service providers. A specific training was set up and organised to enable interested service providers to implement the tool in the future. The tool is available trough a separate website and can be used by service providers for free. To improve peer support activities and service user participation and involvement in general, the project identified various peer involvement strategies, discussed existing practices during national debates, developed a comprehensive, interactive website and organised the Outreach and Peer Support Seminar. To improve good practice on Hepatitis C prevention, treatment and care for drug users, the project identified, summarised and documented good practice examples, identified obstacles and barriers to Hepatitis C prevention, treatment and care, prepared key messages for an effective Hepatitis C policy and practice, developed and implemented a training manual and organised a seminar on that behalf. To formulate policy recommendations in regard to a focused response to HIV in Europe, the project provided evidence-based health arguments for full access to HIV/AIDS services, transported results and findings to a policy level and stimulated the dialogue with policy and decision makers by organising various policy dialogue meetings, one policy seminar and a session in the European Parliament.
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