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Abstract #2719  -  High jinks and HIV: methamphetamine, novel psychoactive substances and sexual risk taking
  Presenting Author:   Dr Christopher Hilton - West London Mental Health Trust
  Additional Authors:  Dr Christopher Hilton,  
The aim of this presentation is to describe what is already known about the associations between methamphetamine use and HIV and to describe clinical experience of working with this group of patients. Methamphetamine (meth, crystal, Tina) is an illicit psychostimulant producing euphoria, enhanced energy, social disinhibition and increased sexual desire. Its use is believed to be associated with sexual risk taking behaviour. High rates of sexually transmitted infection, including HIV and hepatitis C, are observed in methamphetamine using populations. Although the overall prevalence of methamphetamine use in the UK is small, among certain subpopulations (eg HIV positive MSM in London), use is greater and associated with significant harms. A treatment-seeking population of users of methamphetamine and other ?club drugs? in a recently established Club Drug Clinic at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in London (Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust / Antidote) is described, with case vignettes and data from the first 291 treatment episodes. Users of methamphetamine and novel psychoactive substances do not seek treatment via traditional substance misuse services, and may instead first present in Sexual Health or Liaison Psychiatry settings. Practitioners working in these areas are encouraged to enhance relevant knowledge and skills, routinely to enquire about recreational substance use and the context of use and to be aware of, and be prepared to develop, treatment services.
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