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We are very pleased to announce that the 2005 AIDS IMPACT conference held in Cape Town, South Africa will be a partnership between AIDS Impact and the South African HSRC with Dr Olive Shisana (HSRC)and Bridgette Prince ( Nelson Mandela Foundation) and their South African team. The conference has been in existence as an international gathering since the early 1990s with meetings in The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Italy, -Canada and Australasia. The conference is organised as a non-profit charity with priority placed on inclusion and education. We encourage people with HIV/AIDS, people from resource poor settings and community workers to join academics, clinicians, professionals, health workers, social care providers and policy makers in bringing together multiple perspectives on current issues and dilemmas.

Who we are

The 1st International Conference on Biopsychsocial Aspects of HIV Infection took place in Amsterdam in 1991. Since then, the perception and management of HIV have changed dramatically and in those ten years each AIDS Impact Conference has addressed the changing interaction between the biological, psychological and social effects of HIV infection. AIDS Impact is designed to provide information on how the latest medical research findings affect the psychosocial aspects of HIV, and it is this focus on the interaction between the medical and psychosocial which makes AIDS Impact conference unique. In this decade since our first conference, AIDS Impact has met twice in Brighton, Melbourne, Ottawa and Milan. AIDS Impact now comes to Cape Town South Africa, providing the first opportunity in 2005 for delegates to share their knowledge and experience in the this field.AIDS Impact 2005 will provide an international forum where new ideas, information and research findings will be exchanged in an open, creative atmosphere.We look forward to meeting you in Cape Town next year.


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