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Abstract submission is now closed. Final programme details can be viewed by visiting "Programme". Full instructions for oral and poster presentations can be viewed by visiting "Presenter information" which will be posted when the final programme has been confirmed.

Submitting your abstract
  • Once registered, you will be able to login to the website to submit abstracts for the conference. If you have not yet registered you will need to do so in order to submit an abstract. Register now
  • A rule of 2 applies. Every registered delegate may be the presenting author on 2 abstracts. There are no restrictions on numbers of abstracts that a delegate can appear as an author.
  • Two types of abstracts are possible. Research based abstracts describes empirical studies (qualitatave or quantitative). Issue based abstracts describes an issue.
Abstract submission for late breakers is now open: The deadline is 31st July 2009

General: Abstracts are to be submitted in English only.  They must not have been published or presented previously. A rule of two first authored abstracts per delegate operates (delegates can be co-authors on multiple abstracts).  Abstracts should be no longer than 500 words.
Option 1: Abstracts based on Formal Research Work:
Study Objectives (a , hypothesis or a description of the problem); Method; Results (specific results in a summarised form with appropriate statistical analysis); Discussion (brief commentís and conclusions and implications).
Option 2: Abstracts describing work other than Formal Research:
Issues: (A short statement of the issue or issues that the abstract addresses); Project (a brief description of the project, experience, service or research and its results and findings); Lessons learned (a summary of the lessons learned and their implications.)

Option 3: Symposia, workshops and satellites:
Proposals for the above can be made to the organisers. Abstracts should be clearly identified.

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