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Abstract #273  -  Discrimination, homophobic violence and suicidal ideation among men who have sex with men (MSM) in ten Brazilian cities
  Presenting Author:   Dr Ligia Kerr - Federal University of Ceara
  Additional Authors:  Dr. Adriana Pinho, Dr. Maeve Mello, Dr. Adele Benzaken, Dr. Ana Brito, Dr. Edgar Merchan-Hamann, Dr. Mark Guimarães, Dr. Sônia Batista, Dr. Lisângela Oliveira, Dr. Fabiano  Abreu, Dr. Adão Moraes, Dr. Gisele Freitas, Prof. Carl Kendall, Dr. Inês Dourado,  
The impact of episodes of homophobic discrimination and violence (D & V) on current and long-term physical and mental health of gay and bisexual women and men has been reported in several international studies. We analyze, descriptively, the proportion of MSM in ten Brazilian cities that suffered episodes involving physical violence because of sexual orientation in the previous 12 months, had suicidal ideation in the past six months, and the association between suicidal ideation and violence and other variables are explored.
  Method / Issue:
3743 MSM (18 years or older) in 10 municipalities were selected using Respondent driven sampling (RDS), a type of chain recruitment sample using participants' social networks to weight results. Participants completed a sociobehavioral interview and they were offered HIV testing, with pre and post-test counseling.
  Results / Comments:
Recife, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte and Manaus were cities where MSM reported relatively high proportion of homophobic discrimination events in the previous 12 months, 40.3%, 39.8%, 33.4% and 29.2% respectively. Reports of homophobic physical violence in the past 12 months were high for MSM in the cities of Salvador (8.5%), Rio de Janeiro (8.6%), Santos (9.1%), Curitiba (10.0%) and Manaus (13.0%). The proportion of MSM with suicidal ideation in the last six months was 9.0% in Brasília, 30.7% in Rio de Janeiro, with high proportions in Curitiba (26.0%), Santos (20.2%) and Manaus (19.0%). MSM with a parent who did not approve of their sexual orientation (OR=1.9 95%CI:1.1-2.3), who reported physical (OR=2.1; 95%CI: 1.6-2.8), or psychological violence (OR=1,4; 95%CI: 1.1-1.8), victim of sexual violence before 13 years of age (OR: 1.6; 95%CI: 1.2-2.1), and who reported daily illicit drug use (OR=1.9; 95%CI: 1.5-2.3) were more likely to report suicidal ideation.
In the context of the promotion of the right to health and freedom from D&V for LGBTT these results and potential relationships present disturbing findings of the experience of D&V in Brazil. This research has implications for policy makers, health professionals and researchers in all fields related to health and society, and call for further investigation of the experience of D & V and the mental and physical health of affected populations.
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