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Presenter Information

Official Language and translation

The official language of AIDSImpact is English.
Simultaneous translation from English to French and French to English will be
available for all plenary sessions.  All sessions throughout the conference that
are scheduled to take place in room "HC" will have simultaneous translation
available.  This is the only room where translation is available.  All other
sessions will be conducted in English.  The conference will make sure that
volunteers who are bilingual will be available to assist with questions and

Instructions for Oral presenters

Handing in your presentation On the day of your talk you need to report to the speakers room before 8.30 am or on the previous day if possible. You need to present your PowerPoint on memory stick. The conference AV facility does not support Apple Mac. All presentations need to be labelled with your name, presentation title, session, room. All this information can be obtained from the programme. To double check simply click the programme button on the website for the up to date listing of your talk. All presentations will be via PowerPoint projection. There are no slide or overhead facilities at the conference. If you only have acetates these the organiser can assists to transfer these onto PowerPoint for you. If you need assistance with this or preparing your presentation, please let us know and our programme committee will offer you advice through our mentoring system. You will need to have internet access for this facility to be set up for you. Please report to the presentation room 15 minutes before the session is scheduled to start. This will allow you to meet the chairpersons, other presenters and check your audiovisual requirements. We expect all speakers to be present for the entire session as discussion will involve the whole panel. You will be expected to speak for 10 minutes and a 5 minute discussion period is also time-tabled at the discretion of the chairpersons.

Instructions for Poster presenters

Posters from session 6 must put on display on Sunday 1st July and need to be removed by 18.00 on Monday 2nd July. Posters from session 26 must be put on display on the morning of Tuesday 3rd July and need to be removed by 15.00 on Wednesday 4th July. There are no storage facilities and posters must be collected. The conference organisers will need to remove and dispose of all posters that are not taken down on time. Your poster has been allocated a poster exhibition number. The poster stand will be clearly labeled with this number and staff will be delegated to assist in locating poster boards and advice on displaying your presentation. The poster board dimensions are 0,95 m wide and 1,80 m high (portrait). Posters attachment is with Velcro. Additional supplies will be available at the conference. We request that all poster presenters remain at their poster for lunchtime discussions between 12.30 and 14.00 on Monday for Session 6 and Tuesday for session 26. Brief handouts are often welcomed by delegates.

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