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Tuesday 28

Martin Fishbein Memorial Plenary  Pre-Plenary  C103  Kees Rietmeijer,
Barbara Hedge,
Kevin Malotte 
  1.1  William Darrow
Biomedical, Ecological, and Integrative Models for HIV Prevention: Fond Memories of Marty Fishbein and the Community Demos
  1.2  Gerjo Kok
How to identify what to change in the first place - The Reasoned Action Approach and behavior change
  1.3  Dolores Albarracin
Pharmacological Agents that Enhance the Efficacy of Multi-Behavior Interventions: A Meta-Analysis
  1.4  Karen Corsi, Sergey Dvoryak, Jonathan Davis, Robert Booth
Gender differences and HIV among PWID in Ukraine
  1.5  Richard Wolitski
HIV Prevention in an Increasingly Biomedical World-Should Social and Behavioral Scientists Just Quit and Go Home?
  1.6  Marco Yzer
Time changes everything: The role of time perspective in a reasoned action approach to explaining and changing HIV-relevant behaviors
Opening Ceremony - Welcome to Amsterdam  Opening Ceremony  C103  Udi Davidovich,,
Jose Catalan,
Bridgette Prince 
  2.1  Eric Van Der Burg
Welcome to Amsterdam from the Vice Mayor of Amsterdam City
  2.2  Luiz Loures
Opening words by the Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, Deputy Executive Director, UNAIDS
  2.3  Reina Buijs
Welcome from the Dutch Deputy Director - General for International Cooperation within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  2.4  Susan Van Esch
Special Performance
We are our choices - launch plenary  Plenary  C103  Lorraine Sherr,
Gretchen Bachman,
Kai Jonas 
  3.1  Catherine Hankins
Keynote Address in Memoriam to colleagues lost in the Air Malaysia Crash - Global Challenges
  3.2  Bruno Spire, Maria Suzan, Maria Preau, Patrizia Carrieri, Jean-michel Molina, Daniela Rojas-castro
Doing research with people, not for people
  3.3  Michel Kazatchkine
HIV Epidemic in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  3.4  Peter Reiss
Ageing and CoMorbidities in HIV
  Welcome Reception    The Bridge  All delegates invited 

Wednesday 29

Plenary  Plenary  C103  Kai Jonas,
Lucie Cluver,
Catherine Hankins 
  4.1  Lucie Cluver
Presentation of the Frans van den Boom Best Abstract Award
  4.2  Marie-louise Newell
HIV and Childbearing in the ART era
  4.3  Jose Bauermeister
Addressing Structural Challenges of Young Men who Have Sex with Men through Virtual Strategies: The Role of Technology-Based Approaches in the HIV Prevention and Care Continuum
  4.4  Heidi Van Rooyen
Reimagining HIV testing and Counselling in an Evolving Epidemic
  4.5  Ron Stall, Steven Meanley
Interconnecting epidemics: syndemics addresssing substance use and abuse as a means of lowering HIV risk among MSM
  4.6  Sheena Mccormack
PrEP, steady, go!
  Coffee / Tea Break       
Ageing and HIV  Symposium  C103  Laura Waters 
  5.1  Laura Waters
HIV is: The new challenge of Growing Old
  5.2  Ricardo Fuertes
HIV is: our evolving needs
  5.3  Valerie Martinez-pourcher
HIV is: managing a chronic condition
  5.4  Charles Emlet
HIV is: managing psychological wellbeing
Syndemics and the Treatment Cascade  Symposium  C104  Ron Stall,
Udi Davidovich 
  6.1  Ron Stall
Introduction: Application of Syndemics Theory to Studying the Treatment Cascade
  6.2  Mackey Friedman, Robert Coulter, Anthony Silvestre, Michael Plankey, Steve Shoptaw, Linda Teplin, 
Pamela Surkan, Ron Stall
Someone to count on: the moderating influence of social support on the relationship between syndemics and HIV viral load
  6.3  Steven Kurtz, Hilary Surratt, Mance Buttram
Co-occurring Psychosocial Health Disparities and ARV Medication Adherence among Indigent HIV-positive Patients who Use Drugs
  6.4  Frances Cowan
Syndemics, HIV and the care cascade in southern Africa: preliminary data from Zimbabwe
  6.5  Matthew Mimiaga, Katie Biello, Catherine E Oldenburg, Joshua Rosenberger, David Novak, Kenneth H Mayer, 
Steven Safren
Multiple syndemic psychosocial factors are associated with reduced engagement in HIV care among a multinational, online sample of HIV-infected MSM in Latin America
Kids in focus: Children and HIV  Parallel  C001  Naume Kupe,
Najma Sheikh 
  7.1  Junfeng Zhao, Xiaoming Li, Guoxiang Zhao, Peilian Chi, Cheuk Chi Tam, Pamela King
Efficacy of resilience-based multi-level psychosocial intervention among children affected by parental HIV/AIDS in China
  7.2  Mark Tomlinson, Mary Jane Rotheram-borus, Ingrid Le Roux, Judith Stein
The impact of paraprofessional home visitors on infants’ growth and health at 18 months
  7.3  Constance Nyamukapa, Rory Fenton, Jeffrey Eaton, Ranjeeta Thomas, Laura Robertson, Phyllis Mushati, 
Simon Gregson
Heterogeneity in impact of conditional and unconditional cash transfers on education for different wealth groups in an area of high HIV prevalence: results from an RCT in Zimbabwe
  7.4  Elvis Miti, Richard Harding
A pilot randomised controlled trial testing effectiveness of Memory Work Therapy for HIV-positive orphaned children
  7.5  Alice Redfern, Lucie Cluver, Franziska Meinck, Jenny Doubt
Barriers to health care for AIDS affected children across South Africa
  7.6  Daniel Montano, Danuta Kasprzyk, Deven Hamilton, Mufuta Tshimanga, Gerald Gorn
Identification of key beliefs to target in order to increase newborn male circumcision (MC) decisions among expectant parents in Zimbabwe
  7.7  Yiyun Chen, Xiaoming Li
From Perceiving HIV-related Stigma to Experiencing Post-traumatic Growth: The Mediating Role of Coping Strategies in Children Affected by HIV/AIDS in China
Response to HIV/AIDS and co-infections in Europe: Doing the right things right  Symposium  C002  Christina Chiotan,
Cinthia Menel Lemos 
  8.1  Nela Ivanova
Project TUBIDU: Empowering the Public Health System and Civil Society to Fight the Tuberculosis Epidemic among Vulnerable Groups
  8.2  Massimo Mirandola
Sialon II - Bo-behavioural survey among MSM in 13 EU cities using TLS and RDS sampling methods: GARPRs indicators
  8.3  Abby Falla
HEPscreen: Screening for chronic viral hepatitis among migrants in the European Union
  8.4  Jordi Casabona
  8.5  Ann Sullivan
Optimizing Testing and Linkage to care for HIV across Europe (OptTEST)
Costing the epidemic  Parallel  C202  Anne Cockroft,
Alexander Pastoors 
  9.1  Erik Lamontagne, William Mcgreevey, Mead Over, John Stover, Jose-antonio Izazola
Ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030: a highly effective investment
  9.2  Gaelle Krikorian, Caroline Douay, Théau Brigand, Lucile Guénégou, Pascal Revault, Jean-francois Corty, 
Yann Mazens, Caroline Izambert
The cost of medical research: Is it transparent?
  9.3  Gavin Surgey
South African ART policies between 2013/14 – 2014/15: An analysis of ARV Expenditure
  9.4  Celine Grillon, Jean-francois Corty, Marie-dominique Pauti, Olivier Maguet, Lionel Vial, Tahir Amin, 
Chloé Forette, Priti Radhakrishnan, Gaelle Krikorian
Médecins du Monde (MdM) challenges sofosbuvir’s patent in Europe to improve universal access to HCV treatment
  9.5  Adeline Toullier, Pascal Revault, Théau Brigand, Marianne L’hénaff, Caroline Douay, Yann Mazens, 
Caroline Izambert, Gaëlle Krikorian, Marie-dominique Pauti
Does the cost of new Hepatitis C antiretroviral drugs have an impact on access to treatment?
  9.6  Avrom Sherr
The end of welfarism and the problems of normalisation: Legal Aid implications for people with HIV
  Lunch  Lunch    Boxed lunch provided 
10  Chemsex workshop  Workshop  C202  Amanda O'Donovan,
Stuart Gibson 
  10.1  Amanda O'donovan, Stuart Gibson
Chemsex, MSM, Apps and HIV: navigating the perfect storm.
11  Surveillance of HIV and Interventions undertaken by the Human Sciences Research Council and partners in South Africa  Satellite Lunchtime  C001  Bridgette Prince,
Leickness Simbayi 
  11.1  Allanise Cloete, L Simbayi, T Rehle, S Jooste, M Mabaso, L Townsend, 
Y Ntsepe, J Louw, D Naidoo, T Dyda, P Naidoo, M Marang Men’s Project Team
The South African Marang Men’s Project: HIV bio-behavioural surveys conducted among men who have sex with men in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg using respondent-driven sampling
  11.2  Leickness Simbayi, K Zuma, A Cloete, S Jooste, S Blose, S Zimela, 
N Mathabathe, D Pelisa, T South Africa Plhiv Hiv Stigma Index Survey Group
The People Living With HIV Stigma Index: South Africa 2014
  11.3  Lucie Cluver, Mark Orkin, Lorraine Sherr
If structural drivers are the problem, is social protection the answer? Preventing HIV-risk amongst adolescents in South Africa
  11.4  Heidi Van Rooyen
Home-based counselling and testing in South Africa and Uganda: achieving high testing uptake and linkage to care
12  Psychological dimensions  Oral poster discussion  C1.06  Shilpa Zacharia,
William Zule 
  12.1  Ashraf Kagee, Wylene Saal, Laing De Villiers, Mpho Sefatsa, Jason Bantjes
The prevalence of common mental disorders among persons seeking HIV testing in South Africa
  12.2  Catherine Adams, Shilpa Zacharia, Lisa Masters, Caroline Coffey, Pepe Catalan
People with HIV referred to a dedicated psychological medicine service: changes in diagnoses over time
  12.3  Poul Rohleder, Daragh Mcdermott, Rachel Cook
"I will never have sex again": Sexual self-esteem among men living with HIV
  12.4  Maria Jose Fuster-ruizdeapodaca, Fernando Molero, Eneko Sansinenea, Francisco-pablo Holgado, Alejandro Magallares, Arrate Agirrezabal, 
Javier Toledo
The effect of perceived discrimination and self-exclusion on psychological well-being in people with HIV: the role of physical changes due to lipodystrophy
  12.5  Y. Alicia Hong, Yan Guo, Cui Yang, Weiping Cai, Huifang Xu
Assessing acceptability and needs of mobile-based health intervention for people living with HIV/AIDS in China: Perspectives from health care providers and patients
  12.6  Daogo Jacques Abraham Soubeiga
The psychosocial determinants of the involvement of community stakeholders in the continuum of care for HIV patients - case of psychosocial counselors supported by the ESTHERAID project
13  Biomedical prevention  Oral poster discussion  C1.08  Catherine Hankins,
Sara Paparini 
  13.1  Elske Hoornenborg, Henry Jc De Vries, Maarten F Schim Van Der Loeff, Jannie J Van Der Helm, Udi Davidovich, Arjan Hogewoning, 
Roel Ca Achterbergh, Ineke G Stolte, Han Js Fennema, Maria Prins
Pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention among MSM in Amsterdam: the AMPrEP demonstration project
  13.2  Sibylle Nideröst, Benedikt Hassler, Franziska Uggowitzer, Patrick Weber, Daniel Gredig
Acceptability of HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis among HIV-negative men who have sex with men in Switzerland
  13.3  Ralph Spijker, Lydia Pars
Treatment as Prevention (TasP) in HIV prevention and care: medical and nursing professionals’ opinion construction facilitated through a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
  13.4  Rojas Castro Daniela, Marc-antoine Danet, Vincent Coquelin, Bruno Spire, Marie Suzan-monti, Marie Préau, 
Jean-michel Molina, Catherine Capitant, Guillemette Quatremère
Community-based support in the ANRS IPERGAY trial: improving adherence to the trial and access to overall health
  13.5  Elske Marra, Catherine A. Hankins
Perceptions among Dutch men who have sex with men and their willingness to use rectal microbicides and oral pre-exposure prophylaxis to reduce HIV risk– A preliminary study
  13.6  Marjory Corbinaud, Elisabete De Carvalho, Mathilde Coudray
From adapting TO treatment to adapting OF treatment in France in 2014: between constraint and adherence
14  Pregnancy and HIV  Parallel  C103  Sibylle Niderost,
Catherine Adams 
  14.1  Karl Peltzer
Sexual behaviour among HIV-infected new mothers in South Africa 3-12 months after delivery
  14.2  Liying Zhang, Xiaoming Li, Shan Qiao, Chen Zhang, Yiyun Chen, Yuejiao Zhou, 
Zhenping Lin, Bonita Stanton
Reproductive health needs of women infected with HIV in Guangxi, China
  14.3  Pamela Musoke, Lillian Achiro, Elizabeth Bukusi, Lynae Darbes, Zachary Kwena, Anna Joy Rogers, 
Janet Turan, Elly Weke, Abigail Hatcher
"The ANC clinic is no place for a man": Implications for PMTCT uptake in rural Kenya for pregnant women and their male partners
  14.4  Sera Young, Catherine Koss, Paul Natureeba, Albert Plenty, Edwin Charlebois, Dorcas Nyafwono, 
Tamara Clark, Deborah Cohan, Moses Kamya, Diane Havlir
Food insecurity is associated with lack of sustained viral suppression among HIV-Infected pregnant and breastfeeding Ugandan women
  14.5  Geoffrey Fatti, Ashraf Grimwood, Najma Shaikh, Oyebola Oyebanji
Community-based adherence support for HIV-positive pregnant women in South Africa
  14.6  Shandir Ramlagan, Sibusiso Sifunda, Rob Ruiter
Barriers to recruitment and retention of pregnant HIV-positive black South African women into PMTCT intervention programs: a loss to follow-up
15  Boystown - MSM I  Parallel  C104  Udi Davidovich,
Kenneth Mayer 
  15.1  Paul Shuper, Duncan Maclachlan, Narges Joharchi, Christina Schell, Shayna Sparling, Tim Guimond, 
John Maxwell, Barry Adam
Alcohol, Substance Use, Sexual Risk, and Resilience among Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) at World Pride 2014
  15.2  Pamina M Gorbach, Marjan Javanbakht, Robert Bolan
Behavior Change Following HIV Diagnosis: Findings from a Cohort of Los Angeles MSM
  15.3  Rob Stephension, Catherine Finneran
Understanding the correlations between violence, stigma and HIV risk among MSM
  15.4  Jeffrey Kelly, Janet St. Lawrence, Sergey Tarima, Wayne J. Wayne J. Difranceisco, Yuri A. Amirkhanian
Social, contextual, and demographic factors associated with sexual risk behavior in a large community sample of African American MSM
  15.5  Hanneke De Graaf, Maaike Goenee, Bouko H.w. Bakker
Sexual (risk) behaviour of MSM condom use and other risk-reduction strategies
  15.6  Chantal Den Daas, Maaike Goenee, Bouko Bakker, Hanneke De Graaf, Eline Op De Coul
Sexual behavior of men who have sex with men: Comparing three databases
16  Cognitive development in children and adolescents  Parallel  C001  Xiaoming Li,
Gretchen Bachman 
  16.1  Wei Wei, Xiaoming Li, Xiaoming Tu
Perceived Social Support, Hopefulness, Emotional Regulations as mediators of the relationship between Enacted Stigma and Post-Traumatic Growth among children affected by parental HIV/AIDS in rural China
  16.2  Lorraine Sherr, Mark Tomlinson, Sarah Skeen, Ana Macedo
Cognitive development in children with HIV: A longitudinal community based study
  16.3  Tamsen Rochat, Brian Houle, Alan Stein, Ruth Bland
Maternal dangerous drinking and young children’s emotional and cognitive outcomes in HIV-endemic rural South Africa
  16.4  Katrina Hermetet-lindsay, Katherine Correia, Paige Williams, Renee Smith, Kathleen Malee, Claude Mellins, 
Richard Rutstein
Contributions of Disease Severity, Psychosocial Factors, and Cognition to Behavioral Functioning in Youth Perinatally Exposed to HIV
  16.5  Michael Boivin, Itziar Familiar, Sarah Murray, Elizabeth Schut, Robert Opoka, Paul Bangirana, 
Noeline Nakasujja, Judy Bass
How caregiver emotional wellbeing, functionality, and quality of caregiving relate to neurocognitive performance in younger Ugandan children perinatally infected by and exposed to HIV
  16.6  Massy Mutumba, Jose Bauermeister, Katherine Elkington, Amelia Bucek, Curtis Dolezal, Claude Mellins
Mental health of Perinatally HIV-infected and HIV-affected youth: a longitudinal analysis of prospective changes in psychological symptomatology
17  Response to HIV/AIDS and co-infections in Europe: Doing the right things right.  Symposium  C002  Christina Chiotan,
Cinthia Menel Lemos 
  17.6  Matthias Wentzlaff-eggebert
Quality Action
  17.7  Dmitry Titkov
HA-REACT – Joint Action on HIV and co-infection prevention and harm reduction
  17.8  Michael Krone
Towards a more effective response to HIV
  17.9  Zulfiya Lashkarbekova
Building a Community and Civil Society Response to Tuberculosis in Europe
18  Why do I do what I do? Motivational determinants of risk taking  Parallel  C202  Maria Koulentianou,
Joseph Lau 
  18.1  Mats Sundbeck, Håkan Miörner, Anette Agardh
Few young Swedes take sexual risks when overseas but those who do take risks, take great risks
  18.2  Ilse Elisabeth Plattner
HIV and AIDS "fatigue" and sexual risk behaviour among university students in Botswana
  18.3  Philippe Cg Adam, John Bf De Wit, Dean A Murphy, Mandy Schippers, Sean Slavin
Assessing a self-regulation intervention framework to reduce the risk of engaging in unprotected sex among HIV-negative men who have sex with men who meet their partners online
  18.4  Kai Jonas
The effect of counterfactuals as an expression of unattained goals on sexual risk taking
  18.5  Philippe Cg Adam, John Bf De Wit, David Friboulet, Antonio Alexandre
Does low motivation to use condoms explain sexual risk-taking among men who have sex with men who find partners in commercial sex venues and those who hook-up online?
  18.6  Wijnand Van Den Boom, Udi Davidovich, Ineke Stolte
Is group sex a higher-risk setting for HIV and other STI among MSM?
  Coffee / Tea Break       
19  Needs and interventions for school-aged populations  Parallel  C103  Anita Sampson,
Larry Brown 
  19.1  Franziska Meinck, F Mark Orkin, Lucie Cluver, Lorraine Sherr, Mark Boyes
Impacts of improved schooling access on the pathway to HIV-risk behaviour: a moderated -mediation model
  19.2  Linda Kaljee, Liying Zhang, Lisa Langhaug, Kelvin Munjile, Bonita Stanton, Anitha Menon, 
Jacob Malungo, Xiaoming Li
Support for primary tenets of the Mainstreaming Psychosocial Support into Education Systems (MPES): The teachers’ diploma program in Zambia
  19.3  Najma Shaikh, Ashraf Grimwood, Zanele Ncama, Eula Mothibi, Geoff Fatti
Delivering an Innovative Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Programme: the case of secondary school learners in rural South Africa
  19.4  Sylvie Naar, Kathryn Brogan Hartlieb, Phebe Lam, Bill Kapogiannis, Dennis Fortenberry
Motivational Interviewing Implementation Across the U.S to Enhance Youth Linkage to HIV Care
  19.5  John Kingsley Krugu, Fraukje Mevissen, Cornelius Debpuur, Robert Ruiter
Youth SPEEK: Evaluation of a Ghanaian school-based and peer-led sexual education programme
  19.6  Tonya Thurman, Rachel Kidman, Patrick Chiroro, Thomas Carton
Psychological and behavioral interventions to reduce HIV risk: Evidence from a randomized control trial among orphaned and vulnerable adolescents in South Africa
20  Cape to Casablanca: MSM in Africa  Parallel  C104  Theo Sandfort,
Mike Ross 
  20.1  Akua Gyamerah
Men who have sex with men as a new key population in African AIDS policies: The case of Ghana
  20.2  George Victor Owino, Martin Zimba, Maambo Chilundika, Sean Reggie, Kent Klindera
Finding the voice for policy advocacy for MSM/Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) community through research in Zambia
  20.3  Jack Tocco, Joanne Mantell, Thomas Osmand, Theo Sandfort, Tim Lane
Black gay-identified men’s experiences of acceptance and discrimination in South African towns: Implications for HIV/AIDS
  20.4  Joanne Mantell, Peter Gichangi, Jack Tocco, Nzoki King'ola, Theo Sandfort, Yves Lafort
Social and Economic Dynamics of Male Sex Work in Mombasa, Kenya
  20.5  Theo Sandfort, Carolina Alcala, Curtis Dolezal, Tim Lane, Vasu Reddy
Men who have sex with men who have sex with women: increased risk of HIV transmission
  20.6  Hycienth Ahaneku, Michael Ross, Joyce Nyoni, Jessica Mbwambo, Beatrice Selwyn, Catherine Troisi, 
Adeniyi Adeboye, Sheryl Mccurdy
Depression and HIV risk behaviors among Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) in Tanzania
  20.7  Timothy Lane, Thomas Osmand, Alexander Marr, Starley Shade, Theodorus Sandfort, Nkuli Mlotshwa, 
Helen Struthers, James Mcintyre, Susan Kegeles
Regular HIV testing and timely linkage to HIV-care among MSM in South Africa: results from Project Boithato and the Mpumalanga Men’s Study
  20.8  Markus Larsson, Michael Ross, Sven-axel Månsson, Joyce Nyoni, Jasmine Shio, Anette Agardh
Stigma and homophobia as barriers to healthcare access in Tanzania
  20.9  Evanson Gichuru, Elise Van Der Elst, Murugi Micheni, Bernadette Kombo, Helgar Musyoki, Susan Graham, 
George Owino, Bonnie Bender, Eduard Sanders
‘Most Appropriate Services and Training’ - a novel approach to strengthening care for MSM in Coastal Kenya
21  Eastern Europe and Central Asia: Drug users, sex workers and LGBTI  Symposium  C001  Anke van Dam,
Daria Ocheret 
  21.1  Vladimir Mendelevich, Vladimir Mendelevich
Drug Treatment and HIV Prevention Systems in Russian Prisons: What works?
  21.2  Daria Matyushina-ocheret
Harm Reduction in 6 European Countries
  21.3  Andrii Zarytskyi
HIV/STI Prevention among MSM/LGBT in Ukraine.
  21.4  Kemal Ordek
Sex Workers and Access to Health Services: Challenges and Recommendations
  21.5  Anke Van Dam
Client Management a holistic approach for improved health of key populations in EECA.
22  Migration and HIV  Parallel  C002  Christiana Noestlinger,
Dolores Albarracin 
  22.1  Jasna Loos, Bea Vuylsteke, Lazare Manirankunda, Jessika Deblonde, Fiona Namanya, Dorothy Adobea, 
Ilse Kint, Robert Colebunders, Marie Laga, Christiana Nöstlinger
Heightened vulnerability places sub-Saharan migrants at risk for HIV infection: Results of a community-based sero-prevalence and behavioral study
  22.2  Constance Nyamukapa, Erica Pufall, Laura Robertson, Paradzai Mushore, Albert Takaruza, Simon Gregson
Migration as a risk factor for school -out amongst children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS: a prospective study in eastern Zimbabwe
  22.3  Marjorie Gerbier-aublanc, Anne Gosselin, Parcours Study Group
How does HIV status interact with Subsaharan women migrants’ occupational trajectories in France? A mixed method approach
  22.4  Sabrina Been, David Van De Vijver, Pythia Nieuwkerk, Ines Brito, Sarah Stutterheim, Arjen Bos, 
Mireille Wolfers, Katalin Pogany, Annelies Verbon
ROtterdam ADherence (ROAD) project: characteristics and risk factors for non-adherence to cART in immigrants with HIV
  22.5  Ibidun Fakoya, Debora Alvarez, Giota Touloumi, Anne-francoise Gennotte, Alain Volny-anne, Maria Prins, 
Henrique Barros, Cornelia Staehelin, Julia Del Amo, Fiona Burns
Access to HIV testing and healthcare services for migrant communities in Europe
  22.6  Adeline Toullier, Jerome Host, Arnaud Veïsse, Didier Maille, Benjamin Demagny, Nicolas Klausser, 
Sarah Benayoun, Daniela Rojas-castro, Caroline Izambert
Medical ethics challenged when issuing residents permits for health reasons
23  Comorbidity - double jeopardy  Parallel  C202  Margalit Lorber,
Simon Rackstraw 
  23.1  Joost Vanhommerig, Femke Lambers, Janke Schinkel, Joop Arends, Fanny Lauw, Kees Brinkman, 
Luuk Gras, Bart Rijnders, Jan Van Der Meer, Maria Prins
Risk Factors for Transmission of HCV Among HIV-Infected MSM: A Case-Control Study
  23.2  Marco Pereira, Renata Fialho
Quality of life and psychological distress of patients living with HIV/HCV co-infection: An analysis of sex differences
  23.3  Jeremiah Chikovore
Men’s perspectives of imminent or confirmed serious illness, and the implications for tuberculosis care-seeking delay: a qualitative study in urban Blantyre, Malawi
  23.4  Y. Alicia Hong, Aishatu Yusuf
Cancer screening among people living with HIV/AIDS in Low and Middle Income Countries: A systematic literature review
  23.5  Zohar Mor, Mich Barchana
Cancer incidence in people living with HIV/AIDS in Israel, 1981-2010
  23.6  M.patrizia Carrieri, Lisa Fressard, Bruno Spire, Marie Préau, Luis Sagaon Teyssier, Marie Suzan-monti, 
Marion Mora, Caroline Lions, Rosemary Dray-spira, M.patrizia Carrieri
Suicide risk in people living with HIV: the possible role of HCV co-infection and experience of discrimination

Thursday 30

24  Plenary  Plenary  C103  Richard Harding,
Zohar Mor 
  24.1  Sean Strub
Criminal Law Impact
  24.2  Anne Cockcroft
Re-wiring choice architecture: structural interventions for HIV prevention
  24.3  Ophelia Haanyama
Women living with HIV - "things could have gone better in terms of care received"
  24.4  Sheri Lippman
Mobilizing for change: key ingredients for HIV prevention
  24.5  Robin Gorna
Looking beyond 2015 - the Impact of AIDS on reproductive Maternal Child and Adolescent Health
  Coffee / Tea Break       
26  Research to implementation science and practice  Parallel  C104  Wendee Wechsberg 
  26.1  Wendee Wechsberg, Richard Van Dorn, Jacqueline Ndirangu, William Zule, Felicia Browne, Ashraf Grimwood
Implementation Science Methodology with the Women’s Health CoOp in South Africa
  26.2  William Zule, Christine Oramasionwu
An update on global progress towards transitioning people who inject drugs from high dead space to low dead space needles and syringes
  26.3  Don Des Jarlais, Duong Huong, Minh Pham, Nham Thanh, Khuat Oanh, Douglas Heckathorn, 
Didier Laureillard, Nicolas Nagot
Respondent Driven Sampling among persons who inject drugs in Haiphong, Vietnam: A case study with implications for intervention
  26.4  Ariane Van Der Straten, Sarita Naidoo, Elizabeth Montgomery, Otillia Munaiwa, Juliane Etima, Miriam Hartmann, 
Zoe Duby, Barbara Mensch, Mtn-003d Team (rti)
Tools and strategies to enhance discussion of sensitive topics in the context of HIV prevention trials: Experiences from the MTN-003D qualitative study
27  Circumcision and TasP: Biomedical interventions  Parallel  C001  Sandra Van Den Eynde,
Fraukje Mevissen 
  27.1  Daniel Montano, Danuta Kasprzyk, Mufuta Tshimanga, Deven Hamilton
A comparison of sexual risk behavior among men seeking and not seeking male circumcision in a national male circumcision program roll-out in Zimbabwe
  27.2  Danuta Kasprzyk, Daniel Montano, Deven Hamilton, Kayla Down, Mufuta Tshimanga
Impact of Male Circumcision (MC) on Sexual Satisfaction and Behavior among Males and Their Female Partners in a Field Implementation Trial Study Phase in Zimbabwe
  27.3  Eileen Moyer, Alfred Adams
'My mom made me do it': Examining autonomy and assent among adolescent males undergoing voluntary medical male circumcision in Swaziland
  27.4  Gavin George, Kaymarlin Govender, Sean Beckett, Carl Montague, Janet Frohlich
Voluntary medical male circumcision and sex during the healing period in a cohort of school going adolescents: – risky business
  27.5  Limin Mao, Levinia Crooks, Jeffrey Post, Philippe Adam, Edwina Wright, Michael Kidd, 
David Wilson, Sean Slavin, Susan Kippax, John De Wit
Taking Treatment as Prevention into Practice: Growing Support among Antiretroviral Treatment Prescribers in Australia
  27.6  Eva Vernooij, Mandhla Mehlo, Ria Reis, Anita Hardon
The (un)making of Treatment as Prevention in Swaziland
28  Family matters: Relationships and HIV  Parallel  C203  Eline Op de Coul,
Francine Cournos 
  28.1  Jacqueline Mthembu, Gadija Khan, Sean Jooste, Leickness Simbayi
Intimate partner violence as a plausible influencing factor associated with risk-taking behaviour amongst men
  28.2  Adeline Bernier, Marie Lefèvre, Emilie Henry, Ludmila Verdes, Eddy Kieto Zola, Amal Benmoussa, 
Maria-elena Acosta, Mamadou Cissé, Joanne Otis, Marie Préau
HIV seropositivity and sexuality: cessation of sexual relations among men and women living with HIV in 5 countries
  28.3  Mark Tomlinson, Sarah Skeen, Ana Macedo, Lorraine Sherr
Parenting in the Era of AIDS: Effects of Adult HIV on child outcomes
  28.4  Li Li, Li-jung Liang, Chunqing Lin, Guoping Ji
Parental and adolescent’s reports on bonding from HIV-impacted families
  28.5  Caroline Kuo, Millicent Atujuna, Catherine Mathews, Dan Stein, Jackie Hoare, William Beardslee, 
Don Operario, Lucie Cluver, Larry Brown
Developing a family intervention to build adolescent resilience for HIV prevention and mental health
  28.6  Jorge Flores Aranda, Adeline Bernier, Adam Yattassaye, Bintou Dembélé, Samba Diop, Rokiatou Dème, 
Kadidia Kassogué, Lyne Massie, Marie Préeau, Joanne Otis
"Goundo-So", a community-based program regarding the disclosure of HIV status among Malian women: the short terms effects of the program
  28.7  Anna Joy Rogers, Lillian Achiro, Elizabeth A. Bukusi, Abigail M. Hatcher, Zachary Kwena, Pamela L. Musoke, 
Janet M. Turan, Elly Weke, Lynae Darbes
Couple relationship dynamics impact HIV care decisions for pregnant women and their partners
29  Time to talk? Disclosure and HIV  Parallel  C202  Bouko Bakker,
Philippe Adam 
  29.1  Shan Qiao, Xiaoming Li, Yuejiao Zhou, Zhiyong Shen, Zhenzhu Tang
Family communication, parental self-disclosure, and parental HIV disclosure
  29.2  Xiaoming Li, Shan Qiao, Zhiyong Zhen, Yuejiao Zhou, Cheuck Tam
Using a socio-ecological approach to identify factors influencing partner HIV disclosure
  29.3  Marie Suzan-monti, Antoine Vilotitch, Luis Sagaon-teyssier, Rosemary Dray-spira, France Lert, Bruno Spire
Disclosure among people living with HIV in France: a call for help? Results from the ANRS-VESPA2 survey
  29.4  Sphindile Machanyangwa, Danielle Friedman Nestadt, Latoya Small, Inge Petersen, Claude Mellins, Mary Mckay, 
Arvin Bhana
Challenges of disclosure in enrolling PHIV+ adolescents into the VUKA Family Program in hospitals in South Africa
  29.5  J. Carlo Hojilla, Megha Mehrotra, Vanessa Mcmahan, Linda-gail Becker, Juan Vicente Guanira, Brenda Hoagland, 
Sybil Hosek, K. Rivet Amico, David Glidden, Robert Grant
HIV serodisclosure patterns in the Global iPrEx Study
  29.6  Subash Thapa, Nirmala Bista, Karin Hannes, Anne Buve, Mieke Vermandere, Catharina Mathei
Vulnerability of Wives of Nepalese Labor Migrants to HIV Infection: Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative Evidence
30  Eliminating HIV transmission on a city level: The Tales of three cities.  Symposium  C002  Maarten Schim van der Loeff,
Mbulawa Mugabe 
  30.1  Eliana Gutierrez
Sao Paulo - combining new and old strategies to overcome the AIDS epidemic by 2030.
  30.2  Neil Giuliano
San Francisco - getting to Zero
  30.3  Godelieve J. De Bree
Design of an integrated approach to curb the HIV epidemic in Amsterdam- the HIV Transmission Elimination Amsterdam (H-TEAM) initiative
25  Not about us without us: Youth identified programming  Symposium  C103  Timo Bravo Rebolledo,
Gerjo Kok 
  25.1  Philip Limbumrung
Promoting HIV testing in Bangkok through an online intervention
  25.2  Georgina Obonyo
Tackling the HIV virus in a digital world
  25.3  Mascha Feoktistova
Best Practice: co-creation of a national safe sex campaign
  25.4  John Krugu, Fraukje Mevissen, Cornelius Debpuur, Robert Ruiter
Reducing STIs and unintended teenage pregnancy among youth in Ghana
  25.5  Musah Lumumba
Realities and needs on the ground: Positive Health Dignity and Prevention
  Lunch      Boxed lunch provided 
31  Evidence and interventions  Oral poster discussion  C1.06  Tamsen Rochat,
Sibylle Nideröst 
  31.1  Björn Malmquist, Önver Cetrez, Stina Gräntz, Björn Malmquist
HIV, CBT, MSM - A Method Development Evaluation of the Cognitive Therapeutic Program Targeting MSM at Noah´s Ark, Stockholm, Sweden
  31.2  Maurice Bulls, Sylvie Naar, Katie Brogan, Gabe Somarriba
Improving health outcomes with home-based personal fitness coaching in young adults with HIV
  31.5  Marie Preau, Marjolaine Doumergue, Bruno Spire, Marion Mora, Cécile Goujard, Olivier Lambotte, 
Christel Protiere, Laurence Meyer, Jean Daniel Lelievre, Francois Raffi, Marie Suzan Monti
Perspectives on the acceptability of HCRC trials: the challenges for physicians and PLWHIV (ANRS APSEC)
  31.6  Lisa Langhaug, Carol Wogrin, Getrude Ncube, Nicola Willis
Grieving many losses: Adapting bereavement support interventions to the realities of young people living with HIV
32  Men and Sex  Oral Poster discussion  C1.08  Harry Dickinson,
Jack Tocco 
  32.1  Susanne Drückler, Martijn Van Rooijen, Kees De Jong, Udi Davidovich, Bart-jan Mulder, Arjan Hogewoning, 
Sandra Van Den Broek, Maaike Van Veen
Outreach STI and HIV testing for men who have sex with men (MSM) in Amsterdam: Has it a valuable addition to the standard screening at the STI clinic?
  32.2  Mathilde Coudray, Marjory Corbinaud, Elisabete De Carvalho
Changes over ten years in MSM calls to the French HIV/STI helpline Sida Info Service
  32.3  Rob Stephension, Tamar Goldenberg
"I consider being gay a very high risk factor": How perceptions of a partner’s sexual identity influences perceptions of HIV risk among gay and bisexual men
  32.4  Roeland Achterbergh, Jannie Van Der Helm, Ilya Peters, Kees De Jong, Titia Heijman, Henry De Vries
A case-holding initiative for the early detection of HIV and sexual transmitted infections in high risk MSM
  32.5  Allanise Cloete, Leickness Simbayi, Thomas Rehle, Loraine Townsend, Yoliswa Ntsepe, Sean Jooste, 
Musa Mabaso, Julia Louw, Dhee Naidoo, Pamela Naidoo, Thiyane Duda
High estimates of "selling sex" to other men and previous incarceration found in the South African Marang Men’s Project
  32.6  Jing Gu, Jinghua Li, Joseph Lau, Phoenix Mo, Chun Hao
Prevalence and associated factors of depressive symptoms, anxiety and suicidal ideation among men who have sex with men
33  Supporting Adults ageing with HIV  Workshop  C202  Alex Margetts 
  33.1  Alexander Margetts, Breda Patterson
The Psychology of Ageing with HIV - Alexander Margetts & Breda Patterson
34  GIPA at 20 HIV Advocacy and Activism  Roundtable  C203  Eileen Moyer,
Anita Hardon,Rhon Reynolds,,
Nienke Westerhof, 
  34.1  Eileen Moyer, Anita Hardon, Nienke Westerhof, Rhon Reynolds
Workshop Description:
35  Drugs and HIV  Parallel  C103  Matthew Mimiaga,
Don Desjarlais 
  35.1  Lisanne Möller, Udi Davidovich, Maria Prins, Ineke Stolte
Substance use and sexual risk taking: a longitudinal study among Dutch MSM between 1992-2014
  35.2  Brian C Kelly, Brooke Wells, Jeffrey Parsons
Prescription Drug Misuse and HIV-Related Sexual Risk among Gay & Bisexual Men
  35.3  Adam Carrico, Erik Storholm, Lance Pollack, Gregory Rebchook, Emily Arnold, David Huebner, 
John Peterson, Susan Kegeles
Substance use and delayed HIV testing among young black men who have sex with men in the southern United States
  35.4  Mance Buttram, Steven Kurtz
Frequent group sex participation and HIV risk among young adult multidrug users
  35.5  Kimberly Rush, Jessica Draughon, Abigail Batchelder, Samantha Dilworth, Michael Discepola, Carmen Portillo, 
Judith Moskowitz, Adam Carrico
Positive affect and processes of recovery promote better substance abuse treatment outcomes in methamphetamine-using men who have sex with men
  35.6  Kai Jonas, Donn Colby, Matthew Vaughan, Thomas E. Guadamuz
More sex, more drugs, less condoms: Thai PrEP users’ sexual behaviors and circuit party intentions - Preliminary findings from the Annual Sex and Pleasure Survey (ASAP) 2015
36  The Enigma of Stigma  Parallel  C104  Danuta Kasprzyk,
Jeffrey Fisher 
  36.1  Chen Zhang, Xiaoming Li, Yiyun Chen, Shan Qiao, Liying Zhang
Predictive model of exploring factors associated with stigma against people living with HIV in China
  36.2  Leickness Simbayi, Allanise Cloete, Sean Jooste, Khangelani Zuma, Musawenkosi Mabaso, Jacqueline Mthembu, 
Sindisiwe Blose, Siphiwo Zimela
Prevalence of external stigma among people living with HIV in South Africa: Results from the 2014 PLHIV Stigma Index Survey
  36.3  Yan Guo, Qian Zhou, Weiping Cai, Huifang Xu
A structural equation model of HIV-related stigma on depression of people living with HIV/AIDS
  36.4  Carlos Rodriguez-diaz, Edgardo Ortiz-sanchez, Gerardo Jovet-toledo, Ricardo Vargas-molina, Edda Santiago-rodriguez
Feasibility, acceptability, and initial efficacy of a stigma management intervention for HIV+ men who have sex with men: The Contacto intervention
  36.5  Cheuk Chi Tam, Junfeng Zhao, Guoxiang Zhao, Peilian Chi, Xiaoming Li, Chen Zhang, 
Star Chen
AIDS-related stigma, parenting, and loneliness among children affected by parental HIV/AIDS in rural China
37  Integration of HIV and sexual and reproductive health and rights  Symposium  C001  Robin Gorna,
Colin Dixon 
  37.1  Lauren Suchman
Literature review on HIV and SRHR integration
  37.2  Clancy Broxton
Policy-level practices that can influence integration
  37.3  Jon Hopkins
The work of the Inter-agency working group around SRH & HIV linkages
  37.4  Musah Lumumba
A programmes’ and young person’s perspective:
  37.5  Merel Heilmann
Integration from an advocacy perspective
  37.6  Anke Van Dam
Integration from the perspective of a specific key population: people who use drugs
38  The next generation: Children and HIV in Eastern- and Southern Africa  REPSSI Symposium  C202  Lucie Cluver,
Lisa Langhaug,
Brighton Gwezera 
  38.1  Naume Kupe, Lisa Langhaug, Jacob Malungo, Liying Zhang, Linda Kaljee, Kelvin Munjile, 
Anita Menon, Bonita Stanton, Tembo Steven, Xiaoming Li
Improved psychosocial well-being: evidence for the REPSSI teachers’ diploma programme in psychosocial support from teachers and students in Zambia
  38.2  Naume Kupe, Boniface Ushie, Annalee Hough, Lynette Mudekunye, Carmel Gaillard, Lisa Langhaug
Building the evidence: data from four cycles of the community-based certificate course on psychosocial care and support for vulnerable children
  38.3  Simon Gregson, Erica Pufall, Jeffrey Eaton, Laura Robertson, Phyllis Mushati
Could reductions in substance use mediate the effect of cash transfers in increasing school enrolment and reducing HIV risk in orphaned adolescents? Evidence from east Zimbabwe
39  Generation 2.0 - using the internet in the fight against HIV  Parallel  C002  Tawanda Makusha,
Alastair van Heerden 
  39.1  Maria Ekstrand, Shruta Mengle Rawat, Pallav Pattankar, Asha Banu, Simon Rosser, Elsa Heylen, 
Michael Wilkerson
Sexual identity and behavior in an on-line sample of Indian men who have sex with men (MSM)
  39.2  Jason Mitchell, Ji-young Lee, Jose Bauermeister, Cory Woodyatt, Patrick Sullivan, Rob Stephenson
Challenges and rewards of establishing a sexual agreement among HIV-negative male couples: Formative research toward development of a tailored online HIV prevention toolkit about agreements
  39.3  Elske Marra, Wim Zuilhof
Should I talk about HIV when searching for a sex partner via internet dating? Motives of Dutch MSM to talk or keep silent about HIV status/viral load/ testing behavior with potential casual sexual partners who they meet on the Internet and choices resulting from these conversations with respect to condom use - Implications for future HIV prevention strategies
  39.4  Keith Horvath, Thu Danh, Adam Carrico, Dawit Alemu, Jason Baker
Formative Research to Develop a Community-Informed ART Adherence Smartphone App Intervention for Stimulant-using HIV+ Men who have Sex with Men
  39.5  Sachin De Stone, Lucie Cluver, Franziska Meinck, Mzuvukile Nocuza
What participants won’t tell us: A study of the effectiveness of Audio-enhanced Computer-Assisted Self-Interview (ACASI) in collecting HIV data in rural Southern Africa
  39.6  Rebecca O'connell, Stuart Flanagan, Chloe Orkin
#GoingViral3in1 gone viral? Assessing impact of Twitter in an HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C testing campaign in 10 Emergency Departments in the UK
  39.7  Koenraad Vermey, Anita Watzeels, Wim Zuilhof
What does user-generated website data tell us about Dutch men who have sex with men? Analyzing over 75,000 tailored online questionnaires collected anonymously between 2008-2014
40  Key populations: HIV and beyond  Sidaction Symposium  C203  Veronica Noseda 
  40.1  Meoïn Hagege
Continuity of care after release from prison: elements for understanding treatment interruptions
  40.2  Marjorie Gerbier Aublanc
The commitment of African migrant women in the fight against HIV/AIDS: arbitrations between vulnerability and secrets
  40.3  Fanny Chabrol
Pending the therapeutic revolution: the management of hepatitis C in Cameroon
  40.4  Marie Jauffret-roustide
Programs of education about safe injecting: empowerment strategies of injection drug users facing the risk of HIV and hepatitis infection
  Coffee / Tea Break       
41  No health without mental health  Parallel  C103  Dana Rosenfeld,
Tomas Campbell 
  41.1  Sarah Zetler, Alice Kentridge, Nick Begley, Iain Reeves, Jenny Petrak
The prevalence and impact of traumatic events in a cohort of persons newly diagnosed with HIV
  41.2  Malebogo Tlhajoane, Jeffrey Eaton, Constance Nyamukapa, Monique Pereboom, Simon Gregson
Psychological distress in Eastern Zimbabwe: Risk factors for and HIV-related consequences of poor mental health in a general population survey in Manicaland province
  41.3  Victoria Simms, Suzanne Penfold, Richard Powell, Julia Downing, Eve Namisango, Nancy Gikaara, 
Mackuline Atieno, Grace Munene, Clare Nsubuga, Geoffrey Banga, Jeniffer Kataike, Faith Mwangi-powell, 
Irene Higginson, Richard Harding
Change in multidimensional problems and quality of life over three months following HIV diagnosis: a multicentre longitudinal study in Kenya and Uganda
  41.4  Jinghua Li, Joseph Tak Fai Lau, Phoenix Kit Han Mo, Jing Gu
A randomized controlled study to evaluate the efficacy of a positive psychology and social networking intervention in reducing depressive symptoms among HIV-infected men who have sex with men in China
  41.5  Brighton Gwezera, Lovemore Mhuriyengwe, Carmel Gaillard, Noreen Huni
Moving PSS and mental health among key affected populations forward: advantages of a global expert group to enhance programmatic impact
  41.6  Shilpa Zacharia, Catherine Adams, Lisa Masters, Caroline Coffey, Pepe Catalan
Complex mental health difficulties in people with HIV referred to psychological medicine service with dual involvement of psychologists and psychiatrists
42  Mad about the boy - MSM II  Parallel  C104  Hycienth Ahaneku,
Jeffrey Kelly,
Keith Horvath 
  42.1  Joseph Tak Fai Lau, Zixin Wang, Dongliang Li, Xueying Yang, Anise Wu, Rita Wing Man Law, 
Yue Zhang
Prevalence and factors of multiple male sex partnership among men who have sex with men having regular sex partners in China
  42.2  Zohar Mor, Udi Davidovich
Estimated number of MSM and HIV prevalence in Israel: findings from a national representative sample
  42.3  Ulrich Marcus, Susanne Schink, Massimo Mirandola, Cinta Folch
Behavioural and demographic correlates of undiagnosed and undiagnosed recent HIV infection in an MSM sample recruited in 13 European cities
  42.4  Kyung-hee Choi, Wayne Steward, Pierre Miège, Steven Gregorich
Unpacking the Influence of Sexual Stigma on HIV Risk: Results from a Prospective Study of Men Who Have Sex with Men in Beijing, China
  42.5  John De Wit, Limin Mao, Garrett Prestage, Iryna Zablotska, Martin Holt
Delivering the benefits of treatment for HIV prevention in Australia: An examination of trends in HIV testing, treatment uptake and condomless sex among gay men and other men who have sex with men.
  42.6  Zixin Wang, Xiaobing Wu, Joseph Tak Fai Lau, Xiaodong Wang
Factors associated with unprotected anal intercourse with regular and non regular male sex among newly diagnosed HIV positive men who have sex with men in China
43  Women and HIV  Parallel  C002  Lena Nilsson-Schönnesson,
Maria Jose Fuster 
  43.1  Maaike Van Veen, Marianne Craanen, Annelies Van Dijk, Arjan Hogewoning
Improving sexual health of female sex workers in Amsterdam: using an integrated approach to optimize health and empowerment
  43.2  Guillemette Quatremère, Patricia Girardi, Graciela Cattaneo, Coline Mey, Cynthia Benkhoucha, Marie-noëlle Liaud, 
Franck Barbier, Bruno Spire, Anne Simon, Marguerite Guiguet, Daniela Rojas Castro
Talk and cope: Side effects experienced by women living with HIV. Results from the EVE study (France)
  43.3  Najma Shaikh, Ashraf Grimwood, Zanele Ncama, Eula Mothibi, Geoff Fatti
The Health and Educational Impact of Menstrual-related School Absenteeism in Rural South Africa
  43.4  Aoife Molloy, Lorraine Sherr, Ana Macedo, Natasha Croome, Insun Tribe, Whitney La, 
Matt Kenney, Che Kee Cheung, Latoya Idele, Stewart Hird, Margaret Johnson
The importance of mental health for women with HIV infection in London
  43.5  Li Li, Li-jung Liang, Chunqing Lin, Guoping Ji
Gender, HIV status, and mental health: A report from China
  43.6  Hetta Gouse, Reuben Robbins, Michelle Henry, Javier Lopez-rios, John Joska, Claude Mellins, 
Robert Remien
Long-term impact of HIV lay-counseling on HIV knowledge and beliefs: a comparison of previously counseled and ART naïve women
44  Integration of HIV and SRHR - Part 2  Symposium  C001  Robin Gorna,
Colin Dixon 
  44.2  Lauren Suchman, Musah Lumumba
Panel Discussion
  44.2  Clancy Broxton, Anke Van Dam
Panel Discussion
  44.2  Jon Hopkins
Panel Discussion
  44.2  Merel Heilmann
Panel Discussion
45  Strengthening HIV service provision  Parallel  C202  Daniel Montano,
Michael Evangeli 
  45.1  Patrick Sullivan, Aaron Siegler, Refilwe Phaswanamafuya, Linda-gail Bekker, Chris Beyrer, Ben Brown, 
Stefan Baral, Alex De Voux, Rob Stephenson
Perceived challenges in the provision of HIV-related health services to men who have sex with men (MSM) in South Africa: towards developing an HIV combination prevention package (MSM in Africa)
  45.2  Tirza De Lange, Nadine Pakker, Fransje Van Der Waals, Jacqueline Mcauley
Comprehensive training of health care workers reduces stigma and improves access and retention of PLWHA in care
  45.3  Francine Cournos, Karen Mckinnon, Sunhee Kim, Veronica Pinho
Effects of HIV mental health training on primary care providers' intentions to change their clinical practice
  45.4  Laura Fernàndez-lópez, Juliana Reyes, Cristina Agustí, Jordi Casabona, Irena Klavs, Cobatest Network
The COBATEST network: A platform to perform monitoring and evaluation of HIV community-based testing practices in Europe as well as operational research
  45.5  Melanie Jagla, David Aldridge, Regine Merz
To what extent can an art therapy intervention affect mood and coping of HIV-infected persons? A pilot study
  45.6  Mark Platt, Jane Anderson, Richard Harding, Hilary Curtis, Simon Edwards
User development of PROMS/PREMS for measurement and planning of HIV care
  45.7  Romain Silhol, Constance Nyamukapa, Simon Gregson
Can UNAIDS’ Spectrum model provide reliable regional HIV estimates for east Zimbabwe?

Friday 31

46  Test & repeat  Parallel  C103  Vincent Pelletier,
Sarah Skeen 
  46.1  Janneke Bil, Maria Prins, Udi Davidovich, Henriëtte Dijkshoorn, Titia Heijman, Marieke Snijder, 
Ineke Stolte, Freke Zuure
Usage of self-tests for HIV and STIs among the general population and sexual risk groups in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  46.2  William Woods, Sheri A. Lippman, Emily Agnew, Scott Carroll, Diaine Binson
Bathhouse distribution of self-testing kits reaches diverse, high risk population
  46.3  Jauffret-roustide Marie, Santos Aurélie, Reydellet Nelly, Plenel Eve, Chauvin Carole, Rouzioux Christine, 
Chauvin Pierre, Pialoux Gilles
Rapid testing and access to HIV treatment among IDUs, MSM and transgender sex workers. Confronting representations of health professionals and patients. First results of "ANRS-Cube" Research
  46.4  Jason Mitchell, Thu Danh, Keith Horvath
Formative research toward development of a tailored smartphone app to promote interval HIV testing for HIV-negative men who have sex with men
  46.5  Abdullah Almilaibary, Jeremy Jolley, Mark Hayter
Prediction of the factors influencing the utilisation of HIV testing among young people aged between 17-25 years in Saudi Arabia
  46.6  Alastair Van Heerden, Sakhile Msweli, Heidi Van Rooyen
"Men don’t want things to be seen or known about them": A mixed-methods study to locate men in a HBCT programme in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
47  Teen spirit: Adolescents and HIV  Parallel  C104  Tonya Thurman,
John Miller 
  47.1  Pum Kommattam, Kai Jonas, Peter De Groot, Reinier Klok, Udi Davidovich
Sexual goal setting and STI prevention needs among same sex attracted male teenagers
  47.2  Danuta Kasprzyk, Daniel Montano, Deven Hamilton, Mufuta Tshimanga, Gerald Gorn
Increasing uptake of medical male circumcision (MC) among adolescent boys in Zimbabwe: Evidence-based factors to target in communication strategies
  47.3  David Cordova, José Bauermeister, Francheska Alers-rojas, Rachel Nurenberg, Frania Mendoza Lua, Dakotah Feil, 
Christopher Salas-wright
Physician-adolescent HIV/STI risk behaviors communication in primary care
  47.4  Massy Mutumba, Victor Musiime, James Lepkwoski, Gary Harper, Rachel Snow, Ken Resnicow, 
Jose Bauermeister
Examining the relationship between psychological distress and adherence to anti-retroviral therapy among Ugandan adolescents living with HIV
  47.5  Daniel Gredig, Maritza Le Breton, Viviana Solis Lara
Condom use of young adults in Costa Rica when having sex with casual partners: Testing an extended Information-Motivation-Behavioral Skills Model
  47.6  Shandir Ramlagan, Musawenkosi Mabaso
A look at sexual debut in South Africa: Trends and current determinants of age at sexual debut among youth from three national studies between 2005-2012
  47.7  Michael Strauss, Gavin George, Bruce Rhodes
Barriers and facilitators of HIV counselling and testing among high school learners: A discrete choice experiment
48  Late Breaker  Parallel  C001  Ophelia Haanyama,
Chen Zhang 
  48.1  Lisa Masters, Caroline Coffey, Catherine Adams, Shilpa Zacharia, Jose Catalan
Reducing sexual risk behaviour: What are we doing wrong? Low number of referrals and poor engagement in psychological therapy.
  48.2  Carla Alexander, Victoria Raveis, Daniel Karus, Monique Carrero-tagle, Monique Wilson, Rebecca Brotemarkle, 
Kashelle Lockman, A. Judith Chwalow, Mei Ching Lee, Leslie Piet, Gregory Pappas, Yvonne Henley, 
Vicki Tepper, Peter Memiah, Christopher Welsh, Ila Mulasi, Anthony Amoroso, Peter Selwyn
CASA (Care and Support Access) for early implementation of a palliative approach in management of HIV disease
  48.3  Michael Evangeli, Amy Hawkins, Kate Sturgeon, Marthe Le Prevost, Ali Judd
Predictors of within-individual episodic antiretroviral adherence in young people living with perinatally acquired HIV
  48.4  Michael Boivin, Noeline Nakasujja, Paul Bangirana, Robert Opoka, Alla Sikorskii, Bruno Giordani
Computerized cognitive rehabilitation training can improve neuropsychological outcomes in rural school-age Ugandan children with HIV
  48.5  Janan Dietrich, Lethabo Ramskin
Developing a commercial mHealth intervention for HIV prevention among young people in Soweto, South Africa
  48.6  Freke Zuure, Jannie Van Der Helm, Han Fennema, Udi Davidovich, Maria Prins
Home testing for HIV combined with internet counseling in the Netherlands: interim results of the HIVTest@Home trial
  48.7  Jennifer Lewis, Susan Abramowitz, Linda J. Koenig, Sulachni Chandwani, Lisa Orban
Social support moderates the negative impact of life events and passive coping on depressed mood among adolescents living with HIV
49  Treatment adherence  Parallel  C002  Jenny Petrack,
Aoife Molloy 
  49.1  Xiaoming Li, Shan Qiao, Yuejiao Zhou, Zhiyong Shen
Clinical outcomes, emotional management, and medicine adherence among HIV patients in China
  49.2  Geoffrey Fatti, Ashraf Grimwood, Najma Shaikh, Oyebola Oyebanji
Improved Long-Term Antiretroviral Treatment Outcomes Amongst Patients Receiving Community-Based Adherence Support In South Africa
  49.3  Steven Kurtz, Hilary Surratt, Mance Buttram
ARV diversion among HIV-positive MSM: individual and market characteristics
  49.4  Lucie Cluver, Rebecca Hodes, Elona Toska, Khameer Kidia, Mark Orkin, Lorraine Sherr, 
Franziska Meinck
Empirically testing the WHO guidelines: HIV-disclosure and adherence to antiretroviral treatment among adolescents in South Africa
  49.5  Sarah Bernays, Janet Seeley, Sara Paparini, Tim Rhodes
‘I am scared of getting caught up in my lie’: challenges to self-reported adherence for young people living with HIV
  49.6  Ariane Van Der Straten, Nicole Laborde, Petina Musara, Juliane Etima, Sarita Naidoo, Thola Bennie, 
Ariana Katz, Barbara Mensch, Elizabeth Montgomery
Women’s journey into product non-adherence during the VOICE trial in Sub-Saharan Africa
50  Community engagement  Parallel  C202  Javier Toledo,
Avrom Sherr 
  50.1  Keira Lowther, Victoria Simms, Lucy Selman, Aabid Ahmed, Nancy Gikaara, Gaudencia Afuande, 
Faiza Zuhura, Lorraine Sherr, Hellen Kariuki, Zippy Ali, Richard Harding
Conducting experimental research in marginalised populations: clinical and methodological implications from a mixed-methods randomized controlled trial in Kenya
  50.2  Sónia Dias, Ana Gama, Vera Reigado, Diana Silva, Andreia Ferreira, Emília Carreiras, 
Cristina Mora, Daniel Simões
HIV epidemiological research among migrants using the participatory approach: the added value and challenges
  50.3  Alon Madar
HIVART - The SOTA exhibition
  50.4  Daogo Jacques Abraham Soubeiga
An innovative and participative strategy for prevention and to fight against stigmatization in the industrial sector: the case of a mining company
  50.5  Armando Matiz, Mark Padilla, Jose Colon-burgos, Nelson Varas-diaz
Photovoice as a Method for Political Advocacy of Marginalized IV Drug Users
  50.6  Alexandra Letcher, Nabila Saddiq Tayub, Kaamila Mnthengu
Transactional Sex: Poverty, early sexual debut, HIV/AIDS knowledge and associated risk behavior of young Muslim females in Blantyre, Malawi
  Coffee / Tea Break       
51  When I am 64 - Ageing and HIV  Parallel  C104  Simon Gregson,
Mylene Fernet 
  51.1  Marco Pereira, Fabiana Monteiro, Maria Cristina Canavarro
Factors associated with quality of life of middle-aged and older patients living with HIV
  51.2  Jose Catalan, Damien Ridge, Dana Rosenfeld, Veronica Tuffrey, Simon Collins, Jane Anderson, 
Valerie Delpech
Factors associated with quality of life in older people living with HIV
  51.3  Sarah Skeen, Mark Tomlinson, Lorraine Sherr, Ana Macedo
Ageing and caregiving – the effect of primary caregiver age on child outcomes in HIV affected communities
  51.4  Luis Sagaon Teyssier, Antoine Vilotitch, Marie Suzan-monti, Rosemary Dray-spira, France Lert, Bruno Spire
Disentangling age from cohort effects in psychological and behavioral outcomes among PLWH: Results from the ANRS-VESPA2 survey
  51.5  Dana Rosenfeld, Jane Anderson, David Asboe, Jose Catalan, Damien Ridge, Valerie Delpech
Age and life course location as criteria for decisions regarding disclosure of HIV to parents and children: Findings from the HIV and Later Life study
  51.6  Sibylle Nideröst, Christoph Imhof
HIV and Aging: a cross-sectional study of the quality of life of people living with HIV aged over 50 in Switzerland
52  PrEP  Parallel  C103  John de Wit,
Veronica Noseda 
  52.1  Janneke Bil, Ineke Stolte, Wendy Van Der Veldt, Maria Prins, Udi Davidovich
Perceived motives for the future daily and intermittent use of pre-exposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV-infection among men having sex with men in the Netherlands: a qualitative study
  52.2  Elske Hoornenborg, Janneke Bil, Annebel Tahey, Udi Davidovich
Beliefs and attitudes towards pre-exposure prophylaxis prescription among health care providers: a qualitative study
  52.3  Rojas Castro Daniela, Guillemette Quatremère, Luis Sagaon Teyssier, Thomas Gonçalves, Jean-marie Le Gall, Marie Suzan-monti, 
Bruno Spire
Knowledge, Willingness, Intention and Informal use of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis in 2014: Results from a French community-based survey
  52.4  Patrick Sullivan, Craig Sineath, Erin Kahle, Travis Sanchez
Awareness, willingness and use of oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among a national sample of US men who have sex with men, 2013-2015
  52.5  Marie Suzan-monti, Baptiste Demoulin, Luis Sagaon-teyssier, Catherine Capitant, Laurence Meyer, Jean-michel Molina, 
Bruno Spire
Combined prevention and sexual behavior during on-demand oral pre-exposure prophylaxis for antiretroviral therapy for among men who have sex with men: results from the ANRS Ipergay trial
  52.6  Xavier Mabire, Vanessa Laguette, Bruno Spire, Marie Suzan, Nicolas Lorente, Gabriel Girard, 
Mathieu Trachman, Jean-michel Molina, Catherine Capitant, Marion Mora, Daniela Rojas-castro, Marie Preau
Longitudinal qualitative study: what do participants experience during the ANRS-Ipergay trial?
53  Migrant community involvement in research and care  Symposium  C001  Wim Zuilhof,
Dina Sidhva 
  53.1  Ibidun Fakoya, Bryan Teixeira, Bisi Alimi, Debora Alvarez, Janneke Bil, Anna Coluzzi, 
Julia Del Amo, Marc Dixneuf, Andy Gregg, Jason Farrell, Anna-maria Luzzi, Maureen Louhenapessy, 
Alberto Martin-perez, Tatiana Mouhebati, Godwyns Onwuchekwa, Jenifer Rebollo, Ramazan Salman, Diana Silva, 
Miguel Vazquez, Alain Volny-anne, Nicky Voudouri, Wim Zuilhof, Koen Block, Fiona Burns
Meaningfully involving communities in HIV research: the aMASE community mobilisation and engagement project.
  53.2  George Palattiyil, Dina Sidhva
Engaging forced migrants in HIV research in Scotland - challenges and opportunities
  53.3  Christiana Noestlinger
Community-based participatory research with migrants for HIV prevention : worth the trouble?
  53.4  Maaike Esselink, I Mielitz, N.r. Hidayati, A Radyowijati
Effective buddy-project to support HIV-positive migrant women in the Netherlands: the Positive Sisters project
54  Challenging situations  Parallel  C002  Heidi van Rooyen,
Rich Wolitski 
  54.1  Jenny Petrak, Sarah Zetler, Alice Kentridge, Nick Begley, Iain Reeves
Factors associated with lost to follow-up after a new diagnosis of HIV infection
  54.2  Albert Ikhile, Helen Struthers, James Mcintyre, Paul Botha, Glenn De Swardt
Strengthening Access to Community Health-Care: Key priorities and challenges in the application of the Health4Men project in four SA provinces [Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Free State and KZN]
  54.3  Kouassi Auguste Eric Komena
The imperative need to integrate nutritional care in the monitoring of PLWHA: experience of Aconda, in Republic of Côte d’Ivoire
  54.4  Simon Rackstraw, Camilla Hawkins
Looking Forward to Life: Managing episodic disability in the context of rehabilitation
  54.5  Michael Evangeli, Faye Millner, Caroline Foster, Eva Jungmann, Graham Frize
‘I’ve done my job, so my daughter doesn’t have to be like me’: The experience of becoming a mother with perinatally acquired HIV
  54.6  Abigail Hatcher, Elizabeth Smout, Janet Turan, Nicola Christofides, Heidi Stoeckl
Intimate partner violence and engagement in HIV care and treatment among women: A systematic review and meta-analysis
55  Trans people - rights and services  Parallel  C202  Pum Kommattam,
Jose Bauermeister 
  55.1  Raine Cortes
The Harvat in Cebu City, Philippines: Sex Work Involvement and Associated Risks among Selected Transgender Women
  55.2  Joseph Tak Fai Lau, Zixin Wang, Jinghua Li, Yong Cai, Phoenix Kit Han Mo, Tiecheng Ma
Prevalence and associated factors of unprotected anal intercourse among transgender women who were sex workers serving men in Shenyang, China
  55.3  Raine Cortes
Transpinay: Understanding the Philippine Transgender Women towards Developing Transgender-Specific HIV Prevention Programs and Related Health Services
  55.4  Daniel Barros, Gustavo Saggese, Marcia Giovanetti, Luiz Fabio De Deus, Ricardo Martins, Maria Amelia Veras
Building an identity: the experience of naming a transgender study in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  55.5  Maria Amelia Veras, Gustavo Saggese, Daniel Barros, Marcia Giovanetti, Ricardo Martins, Larissa Pelucio, 
Claudia Barros
Vulnerabilities, health needs and access to services of the population of transgender people in the State of São Paulo
  55.6  Zixin Wang, Joseph Tak Fai Lau, Jinghua Li, Yong Cai, Phoenix Kit Han Mo, Tiecheng Ma
Perceptions on Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) among transgender women who were sex workers serving men in Shenyang, China
  Lunch      Boxed lunch provided 
56  Internalised and externalised stigma  Oral poster discussion  C1.06  Poul Rohleder,
Yan Guo 
  56.1  Solomon Girma, Tofik Shukri, Deirdre Ni Cheallaigh, Harriet Jones
Evidence based response of Ethiopian faith leaders to address HIV- related stigma in partnership with People Living with HIV
  56.2  Chen Zhang, Xiaoming Li, Shan Qiao, Yiyun Chen
Stigma against people living with HIV/AIDS in China: does the route of infection matter?
  56.3  Leickness Simbayi, Sean Jooste, Allanise Cloete, Musawenkosi Mabaso, Jacqueline Mthembu, Sindisiwe Blose, 
Siphiwo Zimela, Khangelani Zuma
Prevalence of feelings of internalised stigma among people living with HIV in South Africa: Results from the 2014 PLHIV Stigma Index Survey
57  Women and Sex  Oral poster discussion  C1.08  Brian Kelly,
Wendee Wechsberg 
  57.1  Ashraf Grimwood, Geoffrey Fatti, Najma Shaikh, Oyebola Oyebanji
Decreased Incidence of HIV during Pregnancy Amongst Women Receiving Home-Based Community Support and Education In South Africa
  57.2  Liying Zhang, Xiaoming Li, Shan Qiao, Chen Zhang, Yiyun Chen, Yuejiao Zhou, 
Zhenping Lin, Bonita Stanton
Contraceptive use among people living with HIV in Guangxi, China
  57.3  Diane Francis, Diane Francis, Seth Noar, Deborah Fortune, Amber Esters, Larry Williams
Development of Messages for "Point-of-Sale" Poster Campaign to Increase Condom Access and Acquisition among African American College Women
  57.4  Mylène Fernet, Martin Blais, Karène Proulx-boucher, Bertrand Lebouché, Carl Rodrigue, Normand Lapointe, 
Joanne Otis, Johanne Samson
Psychological Distress and Barriers to Health Care among Mothers Living with HIV (MLHIV)
  57.5  Maria Jose Fuster-ruizdeapodaca, Beatriz Hernandez, Celia Miralles, Maria Jose Galindo, Maria Jesús Perez-elías, Javier Toledo, 
Piedad Arazo
Evaluation of the SHE (Strong HIV Empowered Women) program in Spain developed during 2014
58  Plenary  Plenary  C103  Frans van den Boom,
Bruno Spire,
Ton Coenen 
  58.1  Frances Cowan
HIV and Sex Work
  58.2  Kenneth Mayer
Antiviral treatment as prevention: from theory to practice
  58.3  Bertrand Audoin
Power to the cities!
59  Closing Ceremony  Closing Ceremony  C103  Udi Davidovich,
International Board,
Local Board 


Tuesday 28

60  Poster 1  Poster    Meet the Author,
Wednesday 13.00-13.30 
  60.1  Martijn Bruil, Kai Jonas
HIV stigma at the workplace
  60.2  A.j. Hariharan, Aj Hariharan
Addressing stigma and discrimination against plHIVs –an innovative initiative in Tamil Nadu
  60.3  Chen Zhang, Xiaoming Li, Shan Qiao, Yiyun Chen, Liying Zhang
A continuum of burden as the sequelae of stigma against people living with HIV/AIDS in China
  60.4  Nicolas Sheon
The ANCHOR study: Overcoming stigma to prevent anal cancer among HIV positive men and women in the US
  60.5  Charl Swart, Pieter Fourie
The epistemology of AIDS in South Africa: lessons from three scenario projects
  60.7  Julia Louw
Diminishing preconceived ideas and myths around teaching sexuality education to learners with disabilities: perspectives from teachers
  60.8  Verusia Chetty, Jill Hanass-hancock
A rehabilitation model as key to comprehensive care in the era of HIV as a chronic disease in South Africa
  60.9  Maurice Bulls, Sylvie Naar-king, Ana Puga, Marie Hayes
Improving health outcomes with home-based personal fitness coaching in young adults with HIV
  60.10  Saul Cobbing, Jill Hanass-hancock, Hellen Myezwa
The design and implementation of a home based rehabilitation programme for people living with HIV and disability in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  60.11  Brian C Kelly, Tieqiao Liu, Jichuan Wang
A Profile of Sexual Risk Taking among Chinese Methamphetamine Users
  60.12  Tawanda Makusha, Musawenkosi Mabaso, Linda Richter, Chris Desmond
Engaging men in HIV testing and prevention in South Africa: Evidence from the 2005, 2008 and 2012 household surveys
  60.13  Abdullah Almilaibary, Jeremy Jolley, Mark Hayter
Attitude toward HIV testing among university students aged between 17-25 years in Saudi Arabia
  60.14  Laura Fernàndez-lópez, Cristina Agustí, Nicolas Lorente, Jordi Casabona, Euro Hiv Edat Project Study Group
European project EURO HIV EDAT (operating knowledge to improve early diagnosis and treatment of HIV among vulnerable groups in Europe)
  60.15  Samantha Tessier, Laura Rios Guardiola, Guillemette Quatremere, Jean-marie Le Gall, Daniela Rojas Castro
Evaluation of community-based testing in France: when HIV positive people decide to re-test
  60.16  Ivo Joore, Sanne Roosmalen (van), Jan Bergen (van), Nynke Dijk (van)
Dutch general practitioners barriers and facilitators towards HIV testing strategies for early case finding: a qualitative study
  60.17  Deborah Glejser, Denise Wetzel, Emilien Jeannot, Sophie Durieux-paillard
HIV/AIDS-related knowledge and behaviors of precarised migrants in the Geneva area, Switzerland
  60.18  George Victor Owino, Jeffrey Walimbwa, Sandara Angel, Lorna Dias, Kent Klindera
Redefining men who have sex with men/lesbian gay bisexual queer community engagement & ownership in research – Kenya
  60.19  Karen 't Hooft, Anke Van Der Kwaak, Festo Colins, Paul Kiage, Titia Heijman, Pam Baatsen
Access, awareness and quality of services in western Kenya: about young males and service providers in the context of AIDS
  60.20  Stanley Molefi
Understanding concurrent relationships within the context of polyamory as a basis for effective HIV prevention in South Africa
  60.21  Shan Qiao, Xiaoming Li, Jingbao Nie, Joe Tucker, Stuart Rennie
A Traditional Chinese Medicine framework of healing and its significance in HIV cure
  60.22  Supa Pengpid, Karl Peltzer
Mental health correlates of HIV risk behaviour and STIs/HIV infection among university students from 22 low, middle and high income countries
  60.23  Ramesh Babu Rayapu, Anand R, Mehta Raman, Monica Rachana R, Sarathbabu R, Sudha Rani R, 
Ramola S
A study on the impact of neuropsychological aspects of HIV infection
  60.24  Karl Peltzer, Helena Szrek, Shandir Ramlagan, Rui Leite, Li-wei Chao
Depression and social functioning among HIV-infected and uninfected persons in South Africa
  60.25  Boiumelo Tembo
Depressive symptoms among people living with HIV/AIDS in Botswana
  60.26  Ignacio De Los Santos, Jesús Sanz, Lucio García-fraile
Characteristics of a cohort of HIV and hepatitis C-coinfected patients through the results of transient elastography
  60.27  A.j. Hariharan
Is media in the frontline in fighting against AIDS in Tamil Nadu?
  60.28  Catherine Adams, Shilpa Zacharia, Lisa Masters, Caroline Coffey, Pepe Catalan
HIV and Hepatitis C co-infection in people referred to a dedicated psychological medicine service
  60.29  Tristan Barber, J Catalan, B Gazzard, Loveleen Bansi Matharu, A Margetts, D Ratcliffe, 
A Pozniak, D Asboe, M Nelson, G Moyle, N Davies, M Boffito
The MSM Neurocog Study
  60.30  Ashraf Kagee, Wylene Saal, Laing De Villers, Mpho Sefatsa, Jason Bantjes
The prevalence of common mental disorders among persons seeking HIV testing in South Africa
  60.31  Suzanne De Munnik, Chantal Den Daas
Let's talk about sex: Barriers and facilitators for discussing sexual risk behavior with HIV positive MSM by HIV nurse consultants in the Netherlands
  60.32  Larry Brown, Laura Whiteley, Michele Lally, Jacob Vandenberg, Virginia Curtis
An iPhone application/game to improve antiretroviral treament adherence
  60.33  Dhee Naidoo, Sara Naicker
The perceived relevance of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Programmes for Reducing Vulnerability in Communities, KwaZulu-Natal South Africa
  60.34  Joanne Mccarthy
A community-based cognitive rehabilitation group for people living with HIV
61  Poster 2  Poster    Meet the Author,
Thursday 13.00-13.30 
  61.1  Sanne Van Luenen, Nadia Garnefski, Vivian Kraaij
A pilot study about the effectiveness of an Internet-based self-help intervention for people with HIV and depressive symptoms
  61.2  Ralph Spijker, Lydia Pars
Implementing new guidelines in STI/HIV care and prevention a shift from traditional face to face training to a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
  61.3  Janet Mugo, Albert Obbuyi
Attitudes and perceptions of learners about Sexual and Reproductive Health information through newspaper pullouts in Nyanza, Kenya
  61.4  John Kingsley Krugu, Fraukje Mevissen, Cornelius Debpuur, Robert Ruiter
Antecedents of teenage pregnancies in Bolgatanga, Ghana
  61.5  Dario Kuzmanovic
Ethics in community-based research with people who use drugs: A scoping review and community resource
  61.6  Sarah Zetler, Alice Kentridge, Nick Begley, Iain Reeves, Jenny Petrak
An evaluation of comprehensive mental health and substance misuse screening in persons with new diagnoses of HIV: enhancing early identification and referral
  61.7  Shilpa Zacharia, Catherine Adams, Lisa Masters, Caroline Coffey, Jose Catalan
Recreational drug use in people with HIV referred to a dedicated psychological medicine service
  61.8  Francine Cournos, John Nelson
The Mental Health/Substance Use Readiness Assessment Tool
  61.9  Don Des Jarlais, Thao Nguyen, Marie Jouffret-roustide, Duong Huong, Minh Pham, Khuat Oanh, 
Duong Le, Nham Thanh, Didier Laureillard, Nicolas Nagot
Social and health benefits of participating in HIV research with People Who Inject Drugs: Experience of the Drugs and Infections in Vietnam-Initiation (DRIVE-IN) Study in Vietnam
  61.10  Couderc Mathilde, Ollivier Yaniv Caroline For The "anrs Vri01 Trial Group"
Becoming volunteer for an HIV preventive vaccine trial in France: Analysis of individual public engagement through an Innovative Process of Recruitment
  61.11  Carolin Vierneisel, Matthias Wentzlaff-eggebert, Vasileia Konte, Sabine Lex, Miran Solinc, Rima Krupenkaite
Make it fit – Key factors for successfully applying Quality Improvement/Quality Assurance tools
  61.12  Jenny Petrak, Michelle Croston, Andrew Ustianowski, Terry Whitehead, David Lindsay, Ash Dunne, 
Iain Reeves
The Wellness Thermometer: Development of a monitoring tool to facilitate clinician - patient communication in HIV care
  61.13  Nicolas Lorente, Laura Fernàndez López, Cristina Agustí Benito, Sophocles Chanos, Bojan Cigan, Ricardo Fuertes, 
Daniela Rojas Castro, Per Slaaen Kaye, Michael Wurm, Jordi Casabona Barbarà,  Euro Hiv Edat Study Group
Launch of a cohort of HIV negative men who have sex with men in community-based checkpoints of 6 European Countries (the Euro HIV EDAT project)
  61.14  Walter Gómez, Annesa Flentje, Amy Schustack, Joseph Ramirez-forcier, Brett Andrews, Samanta Dilworth, 
Elise Riley, Alberto Curotto, Adam Carrico
Barriers to vocational rehabilitation with HIV-positive persons in the United States
  61.15  Yan Guo, Yipeng Sun, Qian Zhou, Weiping Cai, Huifang Xu
Relationship between behavior-perception difference in condom use and depression in MSM and non-MSM who are HIV seropositive
  61.16  Veronique Boyer, Antoine Vilotitch, Henri Panjo, Luis Sagaon-teyssier, Fabienne Marcellin, Rosemary Dray-spira, 
Bruno Spire, Nathalie Bajos
Heterosexual behaviors and practices among women and men living with HIV attending hospital (ANRS VESPA2 survey): a French comparative study with the general population (CSF survey)
  61.17  Reinier Bom, Kalja Van Der Linden, Amy Matser, Nicolas Poulin, Maarten Schim Van Der Loeff, Bouko Bakker, 
Theodoor Van Boven
Free condom distribution reduces the burden of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases in men who have sex with men
  61.18  Daniel Gredig, Maritza Le Breton, Viviana Solis Lara
Condom use of young Men having Sex with Men (MSM) in Costa Rica when having sex with casual partners: Testing an extended Information-Motivation-Behavioural Skills Model
  61.19  Abimbola Oladejo, Okechukwu Enechi, Ogechukwu Agwagah, Abu-saeed Buhari, Bala Duniya
Enhancing Condom Use among Female Sex Workers in the Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria through the involvement of "Boyfriends"
  61.20  Jeffrey Kelly
Community-level interventions are needed if we are to improve HIV medical care engagement on a public health scale
  61.21  Caroline Masquillier, Edwin Wouters, Dimitri Mortelmans, Wim Van Damme, Brian Van Wyk
Health-enabling contexts: the role of HIV/AIDS competent households in community-based treatment support for people living with HIV/AIDS in South Africa
  61.22  Quraish Matovu
An Integrated HCT/SRHR and sports outreach model for Rural communities in Iganga- Eastern Uganda by Reproductive Health Uganda
  61.23  Albert Ikhile, Helen Struthers, James Mcintyre, Paul Botha, Glenn De Swardt
Engaging MSM and WSW in project implementation: An example of consulting marginalised populations in four provinces in South Africa
  61.25  Doumbouya Bangaly, Kouassi Martin, Brou Sylvain
Improving continuity of care for HIV exposed and infected children in duekoue district hopsital, west of ivory coast
  61.26  Doumbouya Bangaly, Berthé Yssouf, Fatoumata Ouattara, Koua Tagna
how PMTCT services have been organised in Guiglo regional hospital in post-election period in ivory coast?
  61.27  Kerstin Guffler, Jost Stellmacher
Don’t forget to talk about HIV/AIDS in school: the long-term impact of a HIV/AIDS workshop in Germany
  61.28  Mylène Fernet, Karène Proulx-boucher, Martin Blais, Normand Lapointe, Joanne Otis, Johanne Samson, 
Caroline Racicot
Talking about sex in HIV-affected families
  61.29  Marieke Van Egmond, Marieke Van Egmond, Jennifer Benton, Tariq Omarshah, Andres Navarrete
The neglected role of fathers: Paternal autonomy support as a predictor of girl’s healthy Sexual and Reproductive Health behaviour in sub-Saharan Africa
  61.30  Lisa Langhaug, Boniface Ushie, Twambilie Phanga, George Alufandika, Jonathan Morgan, Teressa Ngobese, 
Isabel Kang'ombe
Gender-based violence prevention as HIV prevention: A holistic approach to working with boys and girls and to make their communities safer
  61.31  Kelvin L Ngoma, Kelvin L Ngoma
Transforming school-community caring ways through the teachers’ diploma in psycho-social care, support and protection: a case study of Chilanga District, Zambia
  61.32  Akshaya Bhagavathula, Endalkachew Admassie, Angela Dawson
Retention and Treatment Outcomes of an Undernutrition Program for HIV positive patients involving Ready-to-use Therapeutic Food at Gondar University Hospital, Ethiopia: a Cross-sectional Study
  61.33  Quraish Matovu
Safe and healthy sexual choices for social-economic transformation of young people in Iganga District, Uganda
  61.34  Matthias Wentzlaff-eggebert, Cristina Chiotan, Anthony Nardone, Christiana Nöstlinger, Deirdre Seery, Viveca Urwitz, 
Carolin Vierneisel, Ursula Von Rüden, Bea Vuylsteke
Quality Action – a participative approach to quality